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    This is my official investment strategy, based on my view of the world. It has a macroeconomic theme. The US government is the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world and has horrible fundamentals, and is deficit spending and printing money like crazy to pander to the masses creating horrible distortions, bubbles that will lead to crashes, and inflation. The world still thinks the USD is a sound currency, but it isn't, and more people are realizing this. All governments are printing money, but the USD has more to lose because it's more overvalued. Neither I nor any of the people I listen to can tell how long this will continue, but it's likely to lead to serious problems worse than the ones we've already had. There is still value being created in the world, but I don't know how to find it, so pay mangement fees to professionals who might be able to. 

    Cash, USD savings (55.5% of net worth)

    Investments (45.5% of net worth):

    • Mutual fund managed by rational people, broadly diversified in a manner compatible with my view of the world. Includes a strong "hard asset" component, is but not decisively unconventional and USD-bearish. Includes conventional stuff like real estate, financial services, BRK.A, etc. (8.7% of investment account).
    • Decisively USD-bearish funds by Peter Schiff (38.9% of investment account). Blend of four funds, will do great if the USD weakens relative to other currencies, and won't if it doesn't. These have done horribly in the 10 years since inception, but I think he'll be vindicated one day. 
    • Natural Resource funds: blend of funds of companies engaged in the exploitation of raw materials, which offer the opportunity to profit from inflation, and, according to many free-market thinkers, are in new secular bull market in themselves. Speculative, but I favor it. (8.7% of investment account)
    • Physical precious metals, including exchange-traded trusts, allocated metals, and physical metals in my possession (50.1% of investment account).

    Precious metals mining funds are found in all three of the equity categories above and only arbitrarily differentiated from the physical metals and trusts category. That seems to be my leitmotif.

    There is a theme here that "the sky is falling." Please note that even after the financial crisis involving fraudulent Central Banks and The Fed (also a private organization), coupled-in with a housing bubble which involved fraud from the central banks, hedgefunds, real estate, et al, we as people are still kicking to this day.

    I have a different view than you. The Fed never panders to the masses. They pander to the Central Banks, and the Central Banks pander to their Short Hedgefunds and Investment Firms, all of whom are shareholders for public companies. Investment Firms provide the funds to their politicians, and the Fed instills policies that align with the motives of the Central Banks. I'm looking at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche, US Bank, JPMorgan-Chase, etc.

    The masses are peasantry. Investment firms hold the power. Mayhaps you ought to be more concerned with the fascist policy of bailing out an entire financial industry under the slogan "too big to fail"? Fascism is here in its plutocratic form, and most are waiting for the ball to drop on individual freedoms.

    You'll know it's fascist when the banks break the laws that are meant to protect investments all-the-while receiving a bailout from their politicians-in-pocket. Naked short-selling is an illegal practice, and market-makers/hedgefunds are currently engaging in such practices to kill off companies so they do not have to buy back their counterfeit shares. This also enables larger companies, such as Amazon, to take over market share while bypassing the need to buyout a competitor. While the CEO of Amazon can't short-sell his competitors, his investors sure can. Counterfeit shares impact entire markets. The fines for engaging in such practices is lower than the potential gains. The pandemic is the black swan event, and hedgefunds used a disease/crisis to naked short an economy. The flash crash of March 2020 was not an accident. It's no accident that in 2020 alone, Citadel Securities and Goldman Sachs provided Janet Yellen $700K in "speaking fees," fees which outweigh her yearly salary of roughly $250k. They have The Fed (private), Yellen and the Federal Government, and fines without prison time, to control the money supply so that margin calls do not occur for their short interest. It's all fraud. Always has been.

    In all this, however ... people will still be people. The world will still spin.

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