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  1. Music I enjoy: 1)A Perfect Circle - I enjoy APC due to the fact of pure musical goodness that can be found in the band. Just look at who makes up the band (they are like a modern rock dream team). You have Billy Howerdell (guitar tech for NIN), James Iha (former Smashing Pumpkins Guitarist), Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson's old bassist), and Maynard. Not too shabby. 2)Pink Floyd. I enjoy some of the instrumental stuff (anyone dig Relics?) such as "Signs of life." I also enjoy Wish you were here and The Wall. Another cool song is "high hopes" from The Division Bell album. 3) Kill Hannah (www.killhannah.com you can listen to the media player). 4) AFI (very cool stuff musically speaking) 5) Weezer 6) Camera ... I recommend "Breaking Point" and "Lie to me") 7)Mynis I recommend listening to all of their songs on that page. I really like the mood of "Maybe Solar" and the Doors cover is just cool. 8) Jason Rhein I'm curious as to what you guys would think about the song "Cello."
  2. Hank Rearden. I can relate the most to his character. He had personal struggles and he still rose to the top to conquer the industry. In this capacity, I can also relate to Galt's "son of a gas station mechanic" part as well. However, Hank had some personal problems integrating all aspects of Objectivism into his life. He made errors of knowledge, not errors of morality. In that capacity, I have made my own. I'm not proud of them, but you move on because to give up would be the greater crime (as he illustrates to Dagny when he apologizes, tells her he loves her, and lets her know that he knows about her other love). Hank is someone who is always pushing to make yourself. I think the lyrics to the Incubus song "Make yourself" remind me of how Hank sees life which is why I have always liked that song.
  3. Neat movies: Enemy at the gates (my girlfriend recommends) Tears of the Sun Spy Game Ghost The Rock Enemy of the State The Client Just Cause Murder In the First A Few Good Men The Thomas Crowne Affair (both versions) Top Gun
  4. Of course. I was never asserting that Bush is big bad and ugly. I was just stating that due to his actions, one would be justified in suspicion. Someone who says that Billy Grahm has planted "a mustard seed" in his heart (and also happens to be president) is just a LITTLE suspect in my book. I guess you guys are trusting of the government though . If you were going to actually throw an accusation out (that Bush deliberately invaded with no justification) then you have to warrant that. I took that as a given. I never made that assertion....so my warrant isn't exactly necessary now is it? I just asked if it is too much of a stretch to be suspicious based on the Bush record in other areas. I have yet to see why we shouldn't be examining this issue in more depth (such as an inquiry into what really happened...if for know other reason than to shut the liberals up). Please enlighten me if I am in the dark.
  5. Here is why I'm doubtful of Bush: Bush and the religious right (and how it affects his presidency/stance on issues) http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A...anguage=printer http://www.issues2000.org/2004/George_W__Bush_Abortion.htm War in Iraq wasn't something that was "new" on the Agenda: http://newamericancentury.org/iraqclintonletter.htm <----PNAC encouraged Clinton to invade in 1998. PNAC is made up of Rummy and Wolfowitz Bush family history:http://www.rollingstone.com/features/nationalaffairs/featuregen.asp?pid=2751 Is it that big of a stretch to say that an administration led by a man who COURTS the irrational (religious right) just might have twisted the facts to fit his premise instead of fitting his premise around the facts?
  6. The reason why troops were pulled out is because peace keepers with light side arms can't do diddley squat. I tend to go with the idea that what happened in Rwanda was the logical product of an irrational society. Let them bear the burden of their moral squandering. Don't put the price on another's shoulders.
  7. http://www.lddebate.org/?go=essays&essay=heumer-rand I'm posing this and freely admitting that I am just getting into O-ism. I have only read A.S, The Fountainhead, The Anthem, and I am just getting started on OPAR and the Virtue of Selfishness. I was wondering what some responses to Huemer's attacks would be? Especially his assertion that ethics/etc are a priori? (based on the justification he gives) I hope I'm not posting something that has been posted a bunch of other places. Forgive me if this is a repeat. Thank you, -E.H.S
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