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  1. Michael Wilkinson sculptures are now at the Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery HERE. I discovered him years ago and have enjoyed his artwork ever since. Not sure if he has been mentioned on the forum before, but I thought I'd start a thread on just his works.

    HERE is his website.

    Image and Pinnacle absolutely blow me away.

  2. How digusting:

    Yeah Moore, the SAME people who are the richest 400 people in the country are the SAME people running the handful of banks that are being bailed out. Give me a break. Did he even read over what he typed to realize how elementarily stupid it is?

    Even if a significant number of them hypothetically were/are, it would still be completely irrelevant.

    I just don't understand the man. He (disgracefully) wears the US flag, but obviously has a severe hatred of the place. Why doesn't he just go somewhere else? Why is he so passionate about destroying the country?

    His hatred of life is unparelleled.

  3. Well that is certainly not something from Ayn Rand's books..... I thougt the most important thing to do in your life was to live and pursue your own happiness.

    In a sense, they go hand in hand. If you're not interfering in someone else's life, your sole attention is devoted to your own life.

    Update: I love his other appearance on Crossfire,

  4. All of these scenarios are irrelevant. The choice, as is constantly pointed out here, is a value judgment by the person being asked to consider the hypothetical, and no one else.

    You have a moral duty to save the man's life if the consequences of saving his life has more value to you than the loss you will incur in so doing.

    The relevant question is this:

    A very wealthy man drives past a man bleeding to death on the side of the road, choosing instead to rush to a nearby town to save $10 million from an impending market crash. The injured man dies from his injuries. The wealthy man is brought to trial for letting the injured man die. You are on the jury.

    Do you find the wealthy man guilty?

    Is that a rhetorical question? If it isn't, then absolutely not. You aren't morally obligated to help each and every injured person you encounter.

    By that principle, a doctor should not be allowed to turn away patients (customers) and must provide medical care to each and every person.

    Similar case: man A and man B are in a fight. A is beating B senseless and it may lead to B's eventual death.. Am I obligated to step in to help B? No. If by my judgement, I consider B to be innocent and know that I can help him without really risking my own life, I may step in. But notice that I've exercised judgement according to my own values. If someone else chooses not to step in, you can't send that individual to jail for having values that differ to mine.

  5. The hosts of the show are going to express their beliefs no matter what.

    Talk show hosts are known to have on a variety of different guests.

    If they want to have you on to express yours, why wouldn't you?

    It doesn't mean you have to agree with them or they agree with you, and you most certainly aren't providing them with any unearned credibility.

    I think whenever Objectivists are given this sort of platform to speak on, they should embrace it with open arms.

    What is the worst that can happen? A listener will hear one of the ARI representatives speaking, agree with what they're saying, and go take a look at the ARI website.

  6. New for 19$

    CtUI is a collection of essays, whereas the Capitalist Manifesto provides the history needed to induce the principles of capitalism. Much more systematic than CtUI, I would say for 19$ its very worthwhile purchase.

    Thanks again athena ;)

    Beyond the history, does it provide a thorough explanation and moral justification of Capitalism?

    i.e. Is it an all-in-one 'Capitalism for Dummies' resource and would you give it to someone who knew little about Capitalism and social/political systems in general as an introductory text?

  7. Hey,

    Has anyone read Dr. Bernstein's book?

    Is it worth the purchase? A couple reviews on Amazon say it's merely a layman-directed repetition of Ayn's words from Capitalism: An Unknown Ideal?

    At $40, it's a fairly pricey book, so I want to make sure I'm not buying redundant material.


  8. I think this is exactly what it is. While I've gained a further grasp of a free market under objectivism, and while it is extremely appealing to me, it completely demolishes the standards I've been raised with.

    I pride myself on being open minded and willing to accept new ideas, but if somethings strange, than somethings strange.

    I was in a very similar boat as you.

    I was raised in a non-religious Jewish household (although my family follows some of the more popular customs). I went to Jewish schools from kindergarden to high school.

    Little under a year ago, a friend introduced me to Ayn Rand and insisted I read The Fountainhead. The rest is history.

    One day I'm a theistic secular Jew, preaching the virtues of religion (although I was personally too lazy to adhere to the rules) with negligable understanding of politics and philosophy.

    The next day I'm an atheist and a passionate student of Objectivism.

    I literally pulled a 180ยบ on everything that had been ingrained into me throughout my childhood, and I must say, it's much nicer on this side.

  9. Well I don't currently own any Objectivist literature, so I was just using what was viable at the time. That being said, I completely agree with the statement pertaining to questions about objectivism. If I have a solid foundation of understand from which to project my questions, my questions themselves will be further specified to situations that need human input. (I hope that sentence made sense. :P )

    Basically read some Rand.

    I keep noticing everyone telling you to read her books, and your acknowledgement of the fact that you need to.

    Stop talking about it, and do it.

  10. I don't think that's a bad speech. Batman realizes he must do what is necessary to defend Gotham, and he ISN'T a hero like Dent could have been.

    He comes across as a selfless hero. A servent of the city.

    Gotham doesn't need a hero. It needs a 'Dark Knight'.

    BS in my opinion.

    "Because sometimes, the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded." - vomitous.

  11. Indeed, especially since the guy saying it was a hitman! As if that makes for the most fulfilling kind of life. Personally I think I'd choose office worker over hitman. Ironic that his father kept him out of that hitman life so he could have a 'normal' life, and yet he despised his 'normal' life and took up the life his father hated.

    In the end he was not a hitman per say, nor did he 'take up the life his father hated'. He was merely destroying the establishment which resulted in his father's death and killing those who would try kill him (Morgan Freeman). We can't speculate as to what would happen after.

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