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  1. I'm taking pre med courses - gen chem 2, physics I, bio, calc, anatomy and have realized that the degree of conceptual learning is minimal. I don't know if this is because teachers are required to blow through material at a fast rate or if it's because they learned in that way or what. If I do not read every detail of my textbook and conceptually integrate everything on my own I literally walk away with nothing. I forget the equations, which are presented like memorized hieroglyphs with a near mystical origin. There is next to no passion for conceptual integration from what I've experienced apart from the occasional non relevant aside given by the professor, which they always seem to enjoy giving most (maybe because they are relaying this information in a more conceptual manner).

    I guess it's my own responsibility to form the concepts on my own time, though I can see very clearly why many doctors are resorting to tablet PCs with symptom drop down boxes for their patients and computer prescribed treatments.

    Maybe I'm just cynical for the fact that I literally have to do all the teaching myself. Some other kids appear to readily absorb the hieroglyphs and readily forget them with undaunted repetition, though my intellectual needs seem greater than that.

    Can anyone else relate or advise? I hate to take a class just to forget the material - so total immersion is I guess the only solution (in my own time).

    Your observations are spot on, and this is the source of the ideological corruption that exists in medicine today. Most of medical training consists of tedious memorization rather than problem solving, critical thinking, or conceptualization of any kind. As in other academic fields, the philosophical component has been totally lost. I recently read "Philosophy: Who Needs It" for the first time and was shocked to see how accurate some of Rand's insights were, even though she knew nothing about medicine and wrote without any intention of predicting anything. She simply soliloquied that irrationalism in medicine might take the form of "treating the hospital instead of the patient" and studying disease without reference to what consitutes a state of actual health, and those two things are exactly what have happend in medicine. This is why it's now considered "normal" for people to be on a handful of prescription drugs by the time they reach their 20s, and why the medical community's perception of what constitutes "normal" weight has changed as the population has gotten fatter. Acadmic medicine is as prolifically irrational as contemporary philosophy, economics, political science, etc. and and the world's health is going to shit while the doctors sit there inventing new diseases like "ADHD" and giving statins and blood pressure meds to patients in the name of "preventative" care, and the nation goes bankrupt spending trillions to treat infirmities that could be totally avoided or cured by nothing more than simple diet and exercise.

    I spend a lot of time on the studentdoctor.net forums, which is the world's premier site for people pursuing the medical profesion. It's utterly shocking to read the things that supposedly intelligent medical students, residents, established physicians, and educators have to say, and then to realize that these are the people who will be responsible for healthcare in the future. Many of them simply don't know how to THINK, and should be mowing lawns and digging ditches for a living instead.

    Just to let you know what you're in for.

  2. *** Mod's note: Merged with a similar thread. sn ***

    I can't find the exact quote but something very siminal to this is attributed to Ayn Rand. She said it during a television interview which can be seen on YouTube. I'm sure some of you are familiar with it. Doesn't this statement contradict the primacy of existence? She's basically saying that the world is in her mind and that, when her mind goes out of existence, so does the world. Is this a contradiction, or do I misunderstand her intention?

  3. I have a very similar story about living with a bad family through my early twenties while training for my sport (running). My campaign was unsuccessful, but in retrospect I clearly understand exactly WHY it was unsuccessful, and I will tell you what I would tell my younger self:

    #1: GET OUT OF YOUR PARENTS' HOUSE. They are destroying themselves and are brining you down with them. As an grown adult man, which any 22 year old worth his weight in shit ought to be, you should not be dependent on a family whom you don't respect. You are infantilizing and emasculating yourself by continuing to live like a child under their roof and this is a major source of your problems. Even if you live and breathe MMA, your independence and ability to stand on your own two feet should come first. Personal stability is a prerequisite for quality athletic training. You can still pusue your training while you work to support yourself. There are 16 waking hours in a day and you only spend eight of them at work.

    Regarding your ambitions to be a champion, I have no idea what your talent level is, but the reality is that you will NEVER go pro unless you were BORN with the GENETICS to be an elite athlete. There are exceptions, but most people in almost any sport will know by 22 whether they have the ability to go pro. You have to be truly honest with yourself. Again, I have no idea what your ability level is, but I promise that you will never profit from decieving yourself about your talent or having a naive attitude toward the issue of genetics. No type nor amount of training will ever allow you to defeat an opponent who is drastically physically superior. That's not complacency or defeatism, it's the reality of life on earth.

    Even if you don't go pro, you can still make your passion into your profession. You can become an instructor and start your own training facility, be an owner/coach/entrepreneur and make a great life for yourself doing what you love. Set a goal to create the best MMA gym in the world or even a chain of facilities. Set a goal to coach professionals. MMA is going to be huge in the future and I think you can find some way to be a figure in the world of the sport and profit handsomely from it.

    But, yeah, get OUT of your parents' house. The entanglement with your family will destroy your athletic career before is starts.

  4. I think it starts with having something to sell. Everybody wants to start a business, but few people can create anything worth paying for. You start with the intention to create something rather than the intention to be an entrepreneur. Otherwise you just get an MBA and work for an established company.

  5. Dodd's sparked a lot of unpopularity across the country. Perhaps it reflects in his district. I remember a poll that showed it did...No access right now.

    Schiff is an atheist? Is there a source for that?

    I don't have the source, but in a recent print interview, when asked which party he would run with, he stated that he's more philosophically aligned with the republicans, "minus the religious elements which I'm not on board with" or somethng very close to that.

    He is a Jew anyway so no need to worry about Christianity.

  6. It is an official site. Maybe he will have an issues page once the exploratory commitee transforms into an actual campaign. He might also just run on his economic knowledge.

    I've wondered if he isn't a closet Objectivist, or at least an Objectivist sympathizer. Apart from his affiliation with Ron Paul there's nothing about him that's incompatible with Objectivism.

  7. I've never really believed that some people are "naturally" smarter than others. I think some people score better on IQ tests because they were taught things through conceptual methods. The degree to which they achieve a high IQ is directly proportional to the amount of conceptualization that has taken place in their learning process. This can happen by accident, by custom, or by direct intention. I don't think many people are lucky enough to enjoy that third option in today's world (when they are children, I mean.)

    I have the opposite view. I think intelligence is biologial, basically genetic, and only mimimally amendable. What makes the human brain superior to the brains of other animals... genetics. Likewise, the differences between individuals within a species are attributable to genetics.

  8. More good stuff.

    My entire sentence was 1 year of jail suspended, 2 years probation, a $1100 fine, and three months of drug/alcohol treatment.

    When I was in court the other day, there was an attractive 18 year old girl on the docket ahead of me. She was driving drunk with a blood alcohol level of 0.17 (250% of mine), hit somebody, ran, and the cops found alcohol and marijuana in her car. She recieved a sentence was 90 days suspended, no probation, no fine, and a DUI victim's panel.

    nice to see the justice system in america working so well...

  9. I got a DUI in June of 2008. My blood alcohol level was under the limit (0.071), but I failed the field sobriety test. The truth is that I have never had anythign even approaching a drinking problem; I am, in fact, a non-drinker and always have been. I was driving home from my friend's wedding reception where I had a few beers because it was a special occasion. Because I rarely drink, I don't have a tolerance for alcohol, and even the small amount consumed was enough to impair my judgment. So I got arrested. I take it very seriously and I haven't had a drink since.

    In the wake of my arrest I was ordered to complete a drug and alcohol assessment for the court. I told them that it was an isolated incident and that I don't have a drinking problem, but they diagnosed me with "alcohol abuse" and recommended three months of treatment. I got a second assessment from a different agency, which provided a diagnosis of "no significant problem" and did not recommend treatment. But the court didn't accept the second assessment, and now I'm forced to comply with the first agency's recommendations under the threat of imprisonment.

    I had an intake appointment with the treatment agency the other day and received an information packet about the treatment program. It's the most childish and patronizing bullshit imaginable. It's like a fucking kindergaten class for alcoholics. But what's really infuriating is that all of the activities and assignments assume the existence of an addiction. For example, I have to make a retarded fucking collage that represents aspects of my behavior while practicing my "addiciton." For another, I have to write an essay about how my "addiction" has damaged my work performance and family relationships. It continues along the same lines for twelve weeks of sheer mindlessness.

    The requirements are irritating to the degree that I literally feel incapable of participating in the program. I simply refuse to admit to an addiction that I don't have. I almost feel like a coward chickenshit for actually paying these utterly talentless parasites ($1200) instead of telling them to fuck off and accepting a jail sentence instead.

    How should I handle the situation? If I refuse to admit to having an addiction, I'm afraid they will tell the court that my "progress" isn't satisfactory and force me to undergo even more mental health extortion. Should I just bite my tounge, grit my teeth and say things that aren't true just to get through the program? Try to find some middle ground? Spit in the counselor's face? (highly tempting)

  10. Hey, I'm new to these forums, and objectivism in general, but I'm reading as much as I can on these forums to learn about it. I have a question for anybody that has ever applied to medical school or is familiar with the process: Is there any way to fill out the apps and remain objectivist? They virtually require volunteer experience, which I have done but it wasn't because I wanted to it was because the application boards want to see it. Now I find myself talking about my volunteer experiences in a way that glorifies altruism, which makes me want to puke as I write it. However, I feel as if they have to hear this stuff in order to accept me into med school. Anybody been through something similar before?

    Treat your volunteer experience as a selfish means of gaining exposure to the medical profession. Discuss what you learned and how it reinforces your desire to pursue a medical career. Make it all about yourself and your own ideas. No need to babble about serving others- and trust me, a lot of applicants will be doing exactly that. You can set yourself apart by taking a selfish angle. Just don't actually say the word 'selfish' or get needlessly ideological on them and you should be fine.

  11. I like his stuff but don't see how it's so head and shoulders above anything else that's ever been done that he's got the highest selling album of all time. A lot of his content is really mindless and strange, although I realize that's not what it's about. Is it a sympton of cultural depravity that he would become as popular as he has?

  12. If you're a hyperliberal pro-bureaucracy asshole and a pro-tax ideologue like one particular economics professor I'm thinking of an you intend to spread your ideas to the masses with the end goal of plundering my bank account and forcing me into some shitty governmnt run healthcare cesspool, doesn't that give me the right to use force against you in my defense? In any case, the more involved I get in political debate, the more I realize that there is simply no getting though to most people- at best they will dismiss me as a conservative extremist or Ayn Rand cultist- and that a much more practical solution would be to just hoist the black flag and start slitting throats, as someone once said... it would certainly be a lot more satisfying.

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