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  1. Big movie buff here - you guys are attacking some of my favorite films! I don't believe film is supposed to reflect my philosophy to have merit as artwork. I will defend Natural Born Killers and True Romance if pressed. I'll jump in the fray with a couple of offenders nonetheless. SPOILERS galore in case you have masochistic tendencies. 1. The Piano - Talentless woman who noodles on a piano decides to stop speaking for no reason, neglects her sole responsibility as a parent, and is sexually turned on by blackmail and manipulation. Oppress me, please! She gets everything she wants, and then either considers to, or actually does kill herself over that stupid piano. 2. The Devil's Rejects - the concept of anti-hero is not accomplished here. This family of interchangeable evil is loyal to one another, and the cops are just as evil. I would tell Rob Zombie to stick with music, but I don't want him to do that either. Philosophically - we should probably entertain the exact opposite position to this. We should be disloyal to our family if our family kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and kills. (This is actually my pick for worst film ever.) 3. Home Alone - Where do I start? You guys probably already know why I picked this one. Feels too laborious to type it all out. 4. I Am Legend - It was the premonitions of god and gods imposed purpose over Will Smith's character that offends my sense of reason to the core. After I read what the actual message was supposed to be via the novel- that Smith's character was actually an oppressor and kidnapper performing scientific experiments on a sentient being who deserved to be free in her new existence... I yearned that the film had not decided to change that message. My brain is busted for now. Gah.
  2. In the USSA, I think Revolution is already justified, and the evidence is in. All we need now is a catalyst. Unfortunately the masses of current generations tend not to notice their oppression. That just means that the catalyst must be something really...really... big. It has to be 9/11 times a thousand! (hat tip team america)
  3. It makes a dent because it's an expression of free speech that offends the current political machine and makes them sputter "racist... racist..." Irritating people is good because it's fun to do! Nobody should take themselves that seriously. Irritate them, and irritate them some more. What other use is there for them other than to amuse me?
  4. I approve of this campaign. It irritates people, it's non violent, it's news worthy, and it's another dent in the corrupt suit of armor.
  5. Hello. I'm writing from WI. I'm 29 years old, and a mother of 2. This has been a pretty frustrating 29 years. I have been looking for a teacher, or a mentor to help me in my pursuit of knowledge. I realized that this imaginary mentor either doesn't exist, or is too secluded to be found by me. I am forced to shift my search. I'm now looking for others. Why do I even need others? I think it's an emotional desire because the prospect of being utterly alone in the world is too... lonely. Hopefully this forum will bear some fruit! I am a self-taught individual who has followed the principles of Objectivism naturally because I lacked of any other method of learning due to neglect. I was filed through gifted programs in school. I was dealt with. I was, and continue to be a problem. I offend most people, and confuse the rest. I didn't have a word for Objectivism until I plowed through Ayn Rand's work. Before, I had to call myself an atheist libertarian with qualifications. I consider consistency, and freedom to be the closest things to "holy" or "sacred." I have found myself wishing on many occasions to no longer be smart. It reminds me of the movie "Pi" where the main character runs a drill through his skull to end his mathematical prowess and no longer know God. Anything to end this fucking intellectual solitude. I believe truth can be obtained through philosophy. Consider me existentialist until something better presents itself. Yes - my grammar is bad. No, I do not care about it. *cracks knuckles* If you're in here, I'll fish you out.. "other"..
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