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  1. a must read is:

    "Child Labor and the Industrial Revolution", The Objectivist Newsletter, April, 1962. This issue of The Newsletter is the forth published, so she considered child labor as an important point to discuss.

    How Capitalism Saved America is good and has some references.

    I will take this opportunity to make my standard pitch that everyone read The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objectivist, and The Ayn Rand Letter. There is lots of basic material that has not been published elsewhere. All of the articles in the non-fiction books appeared in these publications first.

    I just received How Capitalism Saved America in the mail a few days ago, I will start it right away.

  2. I have heard people say that one of the reasons that health insurance is so expensive is because it is highly regulated, but they never give specific examples of how it is highly regulated by the government. The only thing that I have heard is that you aren't allowed to buy across stane lines. Do you know of any other government regulations that cause health insurance to be so expensive?

  3. Hello all, I'm looking for information that disputes the claims that workers were "expolited" during postwar 19th century America and if it weren't for labor unions and government regulation, there never would have been a middle class, etc. I have read the essays in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, but I found that they didn't address the entire workforce (only women and children), or they are more philosophical than historical in nature. For example, I have tried making the argument that most workers worked in agriculture at that time and, in fact, the working conditions in factories at that time were better than alternatives in agriculture. However, this doesn't seem completely satisfying, and the people with whom I debate don't buy the philosophical arguments. I'm really looking for hard facts that show that conditions during that time weren't all that bad, all things considered. Are there any books or articles that you would recommend that I read?

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