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  1. I had a similar idea, although Buddhists argue that volition is impermeable because one's will changes. The argument goes like this... 1. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my body, so I seek to change it. 2. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my sensations so I seek to change it. 3. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my perceptions so I seek to change it. 4. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my volition so I seek to change it. 5. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my thoughts, so I seek to change it. 6. If there was a self it would be the master of these things. 7. But all thes
  2. I don't know if that is true. I think they would say that there are things that change, and there is cause and effect. The point is that the things that are changing are on a more fundamental level that what we see. So like there is a person, but what is really going on is that he made up of a whole bunch of interacting parts. These interacting parts change, so the nature of the aggregate is in constant flux.
  3. Not quite, what you are describing is a lot more like Hinduism or Taoism. Hindus would like to renounce value and action altogether and erase the subject-object dichotomy. Taoists believe in acting through passivity. Buddhists believe in giving up strong desire and acting with detachment.
  4. Its sort of strange. It was always insisted that the communists were a threat after WWII, yet when they were they weakest, when we could have easily taken Russia, we did nothing. American Foreign Policy Arm Your Enemies Pretend They Are Not Your Enemies Pretend your enemies are more powerful than they are to scare voters and make you seem important. Don't actually try to win a war or destroy your enemies because it is "inhumane" and because it makes your friend more money if they war goes on forever.
  5. Hi! So this semester I have been taking an Eastern Philosophy class in order to fill the non-western “civilization” part of my general ed requirements. It occurred to me that this stuff really got me interested in talking about philosophy, something I stopped doing a long time ago even though I consider myself an Objectivist. Lately we have been studying early Buddhism. I was asked to write a paper about Buddhism. Our professor likes us to examine arguments and argue for or against things. My main problem is that the only thing I could say about Buddhism is that it is obviously anti
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