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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is for the purposes of research into and analysis of the rhetoric of Objectivism for the Proposition and the Master’s Thesis in Rhetoric and Professional Writing program at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. Most definitions of rhetoric are acceptable, such as Aristotelian rhetoric as discerning the available means of persuasion or the contemporary view by Kenneth Burke that rhetoric is symbolic and active and thus pertains to all human communication. I am interested in your opinions on this topic and in how you were persuaded to follow Objectivism. Some questions can be formulated as follows: 1) How and when did you find out about Objectivism and what or who got you interested in it? 2) What specific arguments won you over to Objectivism? (quotes are welcomed) 3) In what circumstances were you persuaded by Objectivism? (e.g., were mad at the government, religion, seeking self-help, excitement, involvement, etc. or provide some contextual evidence, if any). 4) What do you think are the main rhetorical methods used by Objectivism? Do you think it belongs to a genre (e.g., the rhetoric of reason)? I first learned of Ayn Rand on a facebook post by a friend of mine on October 21, 2013. He mentioned that her philosophy was portrayed in the video game Bioshock. Being a gamer and with an interest in philosophy, I decided to explore the question of who is Ayn Rand. What I found was very exciting to say the least. What got my attention and won my decision on the topic of my thesis were three things: 1) Ayn Rand was a Russian who was born in the U.S.S.R. and immigrated to America (like myself); 2) Ayn Rand was a female novelist (I am a feminist and love reading fiction); 3) Ayn Rand was an influential philosopher (being an amateur philosopher myself and interested in learning philosophy with an open-mind, this was the major reason for my decision to stop at Objectivism for my thesis). My further interest in Objectivism was spiked by entering these forums and discussions about integrating it with Marxism. Having considered myself a Marxist and pretty much isolated myself from the American society, I found out many new ideas that helped change and complement my views. Although I still do not consider myself an Objectivist, which I define to be a closed philosophy, it inspired and helped me formulate completely new ideas that I call Neo-objectivist. Having isolated myself so and being overly preoccupied with intellectual activities, I remind myself of Andrei Taganov - also my favorite character from Rand’s books. I am an idea-centered person, and my idealism is open-ended and all-inclusive, which finds much conflict in Rand’s restrictive and intransigent views. I want to get an MA in English and have switched from linguistics to rhetoric to pursue this course of action. I appreciate any suggestions and criticisms. The defense of the thesis is planned for the end of spring semester 2015 (sometime in May or June). The proposition for the thesis needs to be written sometime this summer, preferably finished by August. I will post my further analysis here.
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