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Just what we need, dumber kids

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Mostly alarmist babble, but I can see the point and I agree to an extent. If one's social world is just Facebook, then one would end up in a very weird, social metaphysical world (and not in a particularly effective one either). However, I really do not think children and teenagers spend that much time on Facebook. They still live their lives.

It also annoys me that they include this same pseudo-scientific claim about video games. Children will, apparently, become accustomed to short-term rewards and expect to be able to do everything over again, with no regards to consequences, just like the video games. They cannot tell reality from fiction. That's bull - if a child can't do that, it's a fault of his education, not this particular stimulus.

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I agree with Tenure. Having grown at the beginning of the generation in question, I can definitely say that any person I've met at my age or younger with those problems has some other actual problem which leads them to believe their lives are completely in the internet or in a game. Whether the cause is some sort of learning disorder in the child, drugs, abuse from parents, or normal everyday teenage angst. These are the same complaints people had about the bookworms decades ago. "Oh they never take their noses out of those books, they won't have the practical knowledge to deal with real life, always living in a fantasy land." and many other excuses for many other generations. The problem is not the tool of escape, the problem is what they want to escape from.

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