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Sex Offenders and Society

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For example, the concept of "sex offenders" has gotten way out of hand. I think the problem lies in the concepts of "offenfers," "offensive," and "offend."

This problem has forced skinny-dippers to be lumped into the category of "sex-offender" with rapists and child molesters.

It is clear that a man, who forces a woman to have sex with him, or attempts to, is a sex offender because he has commited an offensive act that clearly requires defensive action to escape. The woman's defenses might fail her due to fear, or force.

But it is unclear whether or not a skinny-dipper is being offensive. Is he/she forcing others to go into a defensive state to escape his/her action? Many might say that the naked man's presence caused them to cover their eyes or the eyes of their children, or caused them to leave the area. Many might claim that covering their eyes or leaving is an act of defense and therefore the man is an offender, but feeling defensive is not the same as having to defend one's self. Many people go into a defensive mode without actually having a reason to do so. They simply do because they FEEL they have to, not because they actually do. These people might then call the police and claim they were somehow attacked, or threatened, though they were not...and in doing so, the people who claimed they were forced into a defensive position actually become the aggressors, or the offenders. One must ask "is a naked man the offender because he is naked in public, or is the person who calls the police the offender because the man is naked in public? Is a man who comes on to a women and accidently scares her...the offender, or is the woman who felt threatened the offender because she was afraid and jumped to conclusions and then took actions to punnish him? These are difficult questions and they all must be sorted out according to circumstance and the intent of all people involved.

Did the skinny-dippers expect to be seen by others?

Did the skinny-dippers force others to watch?

Is nudity offensive simply because some people are uncomfortible with the imagery? Is this discomfort rational?

Can the people who witness the skinny dippers be considered peeping toms?

Can they be considered oppresive for getting the skinny-dippers arrested?

Are the upset witnesses guilty of only associating a naked body with sex? Are they then more sexually pervese then the skinny dippers because they only see the state of nudity as an act of sex?

I was once at the beach, where a woman fell asleep while sunbathing. As she was sleeping her breats must have fell out of her top. I will admit to seeing ber breasts and liking what I saw...and perhaps it was inconsiderate of me to not inform her of the situation, but I was caught between waking her up and directly embarrassing her, or leaving her alone to be exposed. Waking her up required a discomfort on both our parts. I did not know how she would feel about me discussing the current state of her breats. I do not have a problem with nudity and I was unsure what her feelings were about it. Perhaps she didnt care. Perhaps she pulled out her breats on purpose. Perhaps she was from another country where women were allowed to be topless and was unaware that she was doing something illegal.

Just as I decided it wasnt my business or my problem, I noticed an older, heavier woman walking over to her. I thought, "Good, a woman will inform her. She will probably make the sleeping woman less uncomfortible." BUt the older woman did not wake her up, unstead she glared at her and walked away. The older women then got on her cell phone and called the cops. When the cops came, the women was arrested because the older woman did not like seeing her breasts.

I did not mind toplessness. I like the look of most breasts. I had the ability to ignore the breasts because I have seen the many times before and they are nothing new to me.

The topless woman may not have known she was topless, may not cared, or may have pulled her breats out her oppinion and her intent is unknown.

The older woman could not stand the sight of the topless woman's breasts, for unknown reasons, but obviously felt offended by them in some way and I would venture to say that she could not help but look at them, but I do not know for sure. I do know that she chose to punish the women for being topless. I also think it is safe to assume that the old women was offended by the breasts because she associates breasts with sexual acts, instead of their real function: nursing infants.

The cop woke the woman up. When she woke up, she noticed him first and covered up her breasts. She said nothing. I heard him say she had charges pressed against her for being topless...and because she was topless, he bound her and took her away against her will.

Who is the sexual preditor, if any, in this situation?

Which person is perverse, if any?

What are your thoughts, in general?

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