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Building my Rand library [Amazon]

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Getting Rand's books in the right format (i.e. non-mass market paperbacks) on Amazon is a headache. 


Currently I have these in a suitable format: Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem, Ayn Rand Answers, ITOE, PWNI, and The Ayn Rand Lexicon.

I have TVOS and FTNI, but they are in mass market paperback form, and I despise MMPs.

I'm trying to find some sort of detailed publication history about all the formats these two and others (such as Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal and The Romantic Manifesto) are available in.

Are non-MMP copies of TVOS, FTNI, TRM, and C:TUI available?

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I own hardcover editions of The Virtue of Selfishness, For the New Intellectual, The Romantic Manifesto and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. They were all produced in the 1960s; it's not hard to find them used via Amazon or eBay.

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