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Four Things

Image by Leilani Angel, via Unsplash, license.
1. You can add a small cooler to my list of Disney travel hacks. Between microwaveable, pre-cooked bacon and sausage, pre-hard-boiled eggs, and such "usual suspects" as yogurt, it's really easy to have a quick, decent breakfast before starting the day when your room has a small refrigerator.

I get away with a small, hand-held cooler by using the wagon I mention at the link above. (There is a Walmart near the park, but it is invariably an extremely crowded time sink. The cooler allows me to pick things up at home as part of a shopping trip I'd do at home, anyway.)

The hard-boiled eggs, which I recently noticed in the dairy section, are a great product. I don't know when those first came out, but what convenience!

2. In the vein of "all publicity is good publicity," I note the appearance of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged on a list of "Most Loved and Hated Classic Novels" at Goodreads.

3. According to a story at Fast Company, It's comically hard to make a secret phone call. Here's step 3 of 6:
After storing burner phone in a Faraday bag, activate it using a clean computer connected to a public Wi-Fi network[.]
Needless to say, the last step is to destroy the phone.

4. The following comes from a first-person account of eating a destroying angel mushroom and living to tell the tale:
They honestly did not taste that good, rather bland in my opinion. I thought to myself, "Gee, I don't think I'll ever pick and eat these again."
And that was the high point of the experience: It goes way downhill from there. The man is lucky he didn't need a liver transplant.

Unlike the account of a man who allowed himself to be bitten by a black widow spider for the sake of science, this is a cautionary tale. Not that I needed it: Although I am good, given time, at catching myself when I miss the kinds of details this guy did, I will never tempt fate by taking up mushroom hunting.

-- CAV

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