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The New York Post has published a report by the intrepid Andy Ngo on conditions inside the part of Seattle -- often known as the CHAZ -- that its officials have permitted leftist thugs to run during the past couple of weeks. The following, from the middle part of the account, is both a good sample of what to expect and a warning for anyone willing to listen:

How many hippies would feel so care-free in their own utopia at night? (Image by Celeste Horrocks, via Unsplash, license.)
Mainstream media reports have focused on the "block party" atmosphere of the occupation, repeating a talking point from the Seattle mayor. She, along with fellow Democrat, Gov. Jay Inslee, have gone to great lengths to emphasize the "peaceful" nature of the occupation. For media crews that arrive during the day, that is certainly what they will see. People have barbecues in the street. Many bring their children to make street art. People walk their dogs.

But at night, a whole different side of CHAZ emerges.

Lacking agreed-upon leadership, those who have naturally risen to the top have done so with force or intimidation. For example, rapper Raz Simone, real name Solomon Simone, patrols CHAZ on some nights with an armed entourage. Simone, originally from Georgia, has an arrest record for child cruelty and other charges. He usually conducts his patrols carrying a long semi-auto rifle and sidearm. Last weekend, a live stream recorded Simone handing another man a rifle from the trunk of a car. [bold added]
And, yes, residents of this area are experiencing major disruptions to their lives in addition to often becoming crime victims -- as one might expect when their neighborhood is patrolled by criminal gangs, rather than a police force.

I recommend reading the whole thing, and my only criticism is that Ngo does not go far enough in his discussion of the government's role in all of this. Yes, state and local officials are complicit, but they are elected officials. Anyone from Seattle who values law and order should start weighing alternatives, which minimally include working to improve the local government, and, barring a very strong reason to remain, may entail leaving altogether.

-- CAV

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