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Just a suggestion, and I havent thought out the implications...

but the politics and political philosophy forum seems to be packed these days.

Perhaps its arbitrary hair splitting, but perhaps there is a way that it could be split into two forums



Political Philosophy

it might create more work than its worth, but its an idea to toy with

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Actually, if the intention is to clean up the extraneous conversations on the existing forums, a forum for discussion of non-Objectivist philosophy would be nice. I don't have in mind a place for trolls to bait us with their crap, but rather, a place for discussion of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hume, Russell, Quine, or whatever. Such conversations are valuable, but they often end up ranging across many branches of philosophy. With the structure of the forums as is, they're bound to get off-topic.

(Also, since we seem to have an increasing number of "What do Objectivists tend to think about x" posts, it'd be nice to have those topics separated for easy reference.)

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