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Founder's College has hit a big bump in the road. The County Planning Commission has said voted unanimously against the project. There was a second project in that area, which was housing, which has been put on hold. Now, the matter goes to the Board of Supervisors, who will make a decision on Nov 5th. I'm not sure if they often override a unanimous decision by the County Planning Commission. I doubt they would do so often.

The way these things work is odd. In many parts of the country, a developer will be given approval if he promises to do some work like road-widening etc. and sometimes the developer will pay a certain amount of cash, which the government will use (ostensibly) to do such infrastructural work. In Founder's case, the backers offered to pay $11 million, they then dropped that number to $2.5 million, and then again to $1.5 million. However, strange as it may seem, my reading of the news leads me to conclude that they were reducing their offer (called a "proffer") in the hope of having a better chance of getting approval. The local laws in the area do not allow for proffers, so it would have been a non-binding promise. From what I could tell, some opponents were using the large proffer as a way to argue against the college, in the vein of: it only makes sense if they pay $11 million, and they aren't bound to pay it. So, they lowered it, trying to argue that the "costs" to the area were not that large. Strange reasoning , and if someone understand the logic of zoning laws, I'd like to understand this aspect.

Anyhow, that's where things stand today: "We don't want no education".

didn't wait to give them the satisfaction of saying NIMBY, apparently...

but with that kind of money in play, wouldn't an elegant Plan B (or C? or D?) be reasonable?

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