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    I'm a cartoonst who's currently working on his second graphic novel, The Infidel, that takes on Islam and its Jihad, about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. It features Pigman, the first explicit anti-jihad superhero, whose pigskin leather suit exploits the enemy's pigotry.
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  1. I'm selling prints of my drawing of Ayn Rand. For more details, go here. Thanks, Bosch Fawstin
  2. Diana, Though I was interviewed by The New Individualist and am a subscriber to the magazine, I'm not involved in any official capacity with TOC and I tend to eschew any kind of official institution, even Objectivist, but Rand's writings have been a constant in my life and Objectivism has been the only system that I've ever felt at home with. Re: The New Individualist, with Robert James Bidinotto not being the editor in chief of the magazine anymore, my interest in it has collapsed. I also must note that David Kelley's thoughts on Islam are as limp as can be, and they only help Islam, which hurts us, so I have a less than serious interest in an Objectivist organization whose head gets something so important so wrong. ARI has been far better about the war and Islam, even if the terminology makes me wince at times, with Yaron Brook referring to Islam as 'Totalitarian Islam' and John Lewis calling Islam 'Political Islam'. There is no non-totalitarian Islam or apolitical Islam, and suggesting otherwise only helps Islam, but short of that, they're dead on about what needs to be done to crush the enemy and they've been far more forceful in stating it. In the end, it's Ayn Rand's fiction, it's the philosophy that has moved me for nearly twenty years, not officialdom in any way. I was going to be at the 50th Anniversary event for Atlas Shrugged no matter which Objectivist organization hosted it, and besides a few speakers who felt a need to shoehorn god into the proceedings, along with Barbara Branden's need to speak, ad naseum, about how profoundly demoralized Rand was by the critical response to Atlas Shrugged, [which bugged the hell out of me because this is Ayn Rand we're talking about], it was a great thing to have been present to celebrate the achievement that is Atlas Shrugged.
  3. Imagine that there's a smiley face emoticon here.
  4. First off, it's good to be able to post here again. This thread got a whole lot more interesting when I realized, 4 years later, that the first response was from Amy. Looking back, I think I should have been clearer about exactly what I meant by my book being a mature readers one, and been a little more explicit as to why I chose to go that route from my first post. I also could have dealt with the quick dismissal of my book based on a few profane pages better than I did, and I will admit that I got defensive pretty fast because if there's one place I feel at home, it's with Objectivism and Objectivists. As an update, I've been working on my follow up to Table for One, titled The Infidel. It's about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. One responds to the atrocity by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called Pigman and the other embraces Islam, becoming a born again Muslim. Their diametrically opposed responses necessarily brings them into an escalating conflict. I have a blog that I'm using to promote The Infidel as I work on it, so take a look when you can and I'd love to have a give and take on it: http://fawstin.blogspot.com/
  5. Thanks for the mention, here's a little on my book: It's titled The Infidel and it's about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. One responds by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, as the other surrenders to Islam and becomes a Born Again Muslim, following the faith to wherever it leads him. I'm currently awaiting the final decision of an interested publisher as I maintain my blog promoting the book at: http://fawstin.blogspot.com/ I've written a few essays on Mohammed, Islam, Jihad and Muslims at my blog, along with over a hundred blog posts showcasing the twin brothers, Pigman and his archenemy, SuperJihad. I'd like to get a good give and take on this with those interested, and I'll answer any questions you pose about it. Best, Bosch Fawstin
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