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Yitzhak Finnegan


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I just watched the Andrzeja Wajdy movie "Katyn", about the 1940 Soviet massacre of 12,000 Polish Soldiers (quick rundown, Stalin ordered the cold-blooded killing of the soldiers in April when he was still allies with Hitler. When the Nazis double-crossed the Soviets, the had in 1943 announced the discovery of a mass grave of 4,000 soldiers near the Katyn Forest. After decades of denial, Mikhail Gorbechav finally acknowleged Soviet responsibility and also uncovered two other mass graves ). It was well done (with English subtitles) and one that fills in a void in cinematography. Even when Soviet atrocities are undeniable, Hollywood is still skittish about making films about them. There is this website http://www.katyn.netino.pl about the film, and it can be pre-ordered from www.amazon.co.uk . I'd suggest North Americans order it, and loan it to a local Polish Cultural Association (as I will do in Calgary) for a private hall-meeting screening of it to bring attention to this attrocity.

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