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Brownies made with love!

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The Regulations for brownies meant for members of the military and Pentagon goes up to 26 pages long. To every last detail.

God damn. Hope they remembered to include organic, paraben-free natural ingredients in all of this.

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Here's the actual document. You know how stuff on the interwebs tends to hyperbole? Well, you can see it yourself. I have to tell my wife that all these years, she has been messing up the frosting. "The brownies shall be completely enrobed with a continuous uniform chocolate coating (see 3.2.14) in an amount which shall be not less than 29 percent by weight of the finished product."

Oh wait: I just noticed that these regulations only apply to brownies; COCOLATE covered. (Someone should tell them that in English, adjectives come before the noun).

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It's nice to see that the "Cocolate" covered Oatmeal cookies are to be made with Oatmeal that "shall have natural rolled oat flavor and odor and shall be clean and free from burned particles, rancid, musty, sour, or other undesirable flavors and odors." Only the best for our boys in the field!

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