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  1. And the counter-party should be deprived of his money so he can do less harm to himself and others, and I can do more good.
  2. It is amazing to me how people that have studied philosophy and the nature of government can be so completely defenseless against low grade propaganda. "Safe and effective!" "Safe and secure!" Weak minds think alike.
  3. Grames


    Yes. So what that do? It means the conclusions of ethics are the premises of politics when it comes to behavioral norms.
  4. Songleikr | Ulvetime (Hour of the Wolf)
  5. Grames


    Well, let's not get carried away with discussions here that are tangential to the thread's purpose. I invite you to review and reply over the thread about "What is the objective basis of politics?" and specifically my post https://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?/topic/37482-what-is-the-objective-basis-of-politics/&page=2#comment-379434
  6. Grames


    Not indulging in mental evasion is an ethical principle that can be justified on rational self interest. I think Rand succeeded there. Founding honesty toward others as a political principle is a better way forward because Tomasello's "joint intentionality and its focus on communicating cooperatively with others" is "two or more people acting toward the same values" which is politics. I am apparently on a path of advocating the removal of the "right treatment of others" problem from ethics entirely, and moving that problem to politics. Being ethically good but politically bad as in a benevolent king or competent Machiavellian politician or even some descriptions of sociopathic behavior is then given a conceptual framework.
  7. Kalandra - Brave New World (Lyric Video)
  8. KVERVANDI (acoustic) by Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik /LYRICS NORWEGIAN-ENGLISH
  9. Famine and war versus more mean tweets. I'd pick the tweets every time. Trump was the only president in decades to have not started a new war or military intervention. Of course that was the main reason he had to go.
  10. Nordsteam I and Nordstream 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic have now both been sabotaged. The most likely perpetrators are the Americans and the Ukrainians. There is no way in hell the Russians did it, the ability to return to the pre-war gas market as Europe's primary supplier was Russia's major negotiating chip to keep their gains in the Ukraine after things settled. They could always turn off the flow and had already turned off the flow for demonstration purposes so blowing up their own pipelines reduces Russia's political influence and is contrary to their financial needs and stated policies. But if the Ukrainians did it, that is just another way to state that the Americans did it. Elections have consequences.
  11. Children can be and are neglected, abused and murdered in violation of every principle of how any person ought to be treated. But because no contract law pertains nothing is to be done? I am grateful for the innovation in human society that is criminal law.
  12. The growth into full adulthood is gradual, but the moral and legal status of being a person with certain rights obtains at birth. "Persons not the mother don't have a proper right to control the pregnancy until the fetus is capable of sustained life outside the womb with or without artificial support." Technological advancements in medicine may make possible sustained life outside the womb with artificial support earlier and earlier in the pregnancy. Making the rights of mothers dependent upon not just technology but some judge's or legislator's assertion about that technology is not good practice of law. This is in principle far more amenable to restrictions on abortion than I would ever be. It also assumes that technology is provided but is silent on who provides and pays for it. How can you reconcile this position with what I thought was presented as an intransigent pro-abortion rights position?
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