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Institute for Justice

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The "Institute for Justice" continues its fight for individual rights, case by case.


In Miami, they're helping a couple who were growing a vegetable garden in their front yard (which some cities disallow). 

Challenging Oregon's ban against advertising raw milk.

In Detroit, they helped a shop-owner who had his money taken by the IRS because they were suspicious of his multiple $10K deposits.


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While so many American fret worry about issues that are really only marginal to their lives. the Institute of Justice continues is slow and steady chipping away at violations of rights. 

Each of these cases is very local. It is easy to despair that it is like fighting a giant with a tiny pin as a sword, inflicting minor cuts. On the other hand, the big-picture approach to philosophical change isn't easy, and with the cases that IJ wins, there is the satisfaction of having helped at least those people, in that one city or state win back some right. If a few women in one city can now make a career hair-braiding, and that let's them earn more money and have a better live: that's something, even if it's a small cut to the system at large.

The list of cases continues to grow. Here's the list. In the long run, I think their wins could help other lawyers, in other states and cities, win similar cases. Maybe, one of two of these issues might even become  a theme that can be tied together to ripple across the country. 

All the best to IJ



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