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  1. As American independence rang, a sweeping lockdown and mass inoculations fought off a smallpox outbreak With a case fatality rate (CFR) of 10%, this was one towns response to small pox inoculation as the war for American independence was being waged.
  2. The Never-Ending Narrative.

  3. Vasks, Peteris:The Fruit of Silence Astor Piazzolla - Buenos Aires Hora Cero
  4. He had been providing links to updates to his blog here. Also on that link, a reference to the microchip and another relevance to the automotive supply chain, as being several months in advance of getting to the assembly lines. I don't think the automotive industry is as large a percentage to the federal budget as it once was.
  5. Self-replicating with an evolutionary hint! Self-replicating protocells created in lab may be life's "missing link" “By constructing peptide droplets that proliferate with feeding on novel amino acid derivatives, we have experimentally elucidated the long-standing mystery of how prebiotic ancestors were able to proliferate and survive by selectively concentrating prebiotic chemicals,” says Matsuo. “Our results suggest that droplets became evolvable molecular aggregates – one of which became our common ancestor.”
  6. Last August, 28, 2021: OSI, PragerU, and Sales of Atlas Shrugged For instance, according to the top three Amazon book sales calculators (TCK Publishing, WildFire Marketing, and Kindlepreneur), in the week following the release of “The Book Club: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand,” sales of Atlas increased as follows: Audio edition sales nearly doubled, Kindle edition sales increased threefold, Paperback sales increased fourfold. The calculators were not intuitive to me. The numbers above could stand some better context, (doubled, trebled, quadrupled from what?)
  7. Some ambiguity, a disparity between what I mean by "public v. private health". The public sphere IS the gvt. and gvt. regulations imposed on the society of individuals, in the definition I know. Let me reword that then: As to his stance on what the government ought have done, the context is to leave public individual's health to the public individual and go about upholding the conditions necessary for folk to act freely. This does not substantially alter in my mind what I said with the exception of the technicality of terminology. Who knows, it may even spill over into my useage more casually having given that bit of additional thought.
  8. @Sebastien, your addressing this post brings to light the omission of what is a "Rite of Passage". In many cultures, this is a ceremony marking a passage from boyhood to manhood, or a transition from a girl to a woman. As conceptual beings, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology refers to various approaches young minds take when acquiring new concepts. She outlines several approaches. Perhaps what I'm asking potentially amounts to wishful thinking. Still the fact such approaches can be articulated implies a superior approach can be desired and sought after.
  9. At the end of Art and Sense of Life, Miss Rand penned: "An artist reveals his naked soul in his work—and so, gentle reader, do you when you respond to it." In this sense the work of art serves as a mirror for both the artist and the gentle reader. Should the two of them choose to discuss what each of them sees in that "mirror", it should provide something for both to reflect upon.
  10. I don't have the quote at my fingertips, but one of the reasons Ayn Rand took history (dead facts?) was to glean insights into man's nature and come up with her notion of the ideal man.
  11. I've heard him speak on the FDA, which he references as the Federal Death Administration. I think he follows the advice she provides in her non-fiction writing course, to delineate a topic and not bring up points that would not be addressed in the time allotted. ——— As to his stance on what the government ought have done, the context is to leave public health to the public and go about upholding the conditions necessary for folk to act freely. During flu season, or when any other pathogen becomes of personal concern, it is the individual responsible for maintaining their immune system, and avoiding "walking in the middle of the road", or going into areas where "crime is more often reported to occur", and to steer clear of venues where a higher risk of contagion exist. A local hospital has a temperature checkpoint that does a pre and post mask temperature scan (two stations). To the extent the place is private property, it is their castle, it is their admission hoops to jump through. I can take a pulse ox device at home and monitor specific measurable results. Are there other obstacles in the way (other than technological capabilities) of developing general or specific pathogen detectors?
  12. An interesting thing about "roots" is how they spread out and go in different directions on some plants, while others rely primarily on a "tap root". While examining the root(s) of morality, she indicated where man needed morality the most, on a desert island, where neither a thriving economy based on a division of labor or the political system needed for it to function within were present. An island is pretty concrete. I might consider as a plausible argument that an island could be considered as a first-level concept. "You who prattle that morality is social and that man would need no morality on a desert island—it is on a desert island that he would need it most. Let him try to claim, when there are no victims to pay for it, that a rock is a house, that sand is clothing, that food will drop into his mouth without cause or effort, that he will collect a harvest tomorrow by devouring his stock seed today—and reality will wipe him out, as he deserves; reality will show him that life is a value to be bought and that thinking is the only coin noble enough to buy it." To put this into surveyors terms, she has effectively staked out a plausible moral high ground. This is a [/the] prerequisite for "living in society".
  13. Sebastien, this is a forum not a twitter account. Consider outlining your responses to a thread and composing a single summation, or if need be, identify which post(s) in particular you are responding to. You have an hour after you post a response to edit that response. As to consciously choosing to smoke heavily for the rest of her life, Mr. Rand, when the doctor informed her that she was killing herself with the habit, quit cold-turkey in 1975. You may want to seek out a new favorite example, or revamp this one to be in better alignment with the available facts.
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