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  1. Interesting. This establishes a clear distinction between self-initiated motion and the application of volition to the arena of self-initiated motion in the realm of cognition. In this context, a resort to the principle of two definitions is appropriate with the distinction drawn between volition as applied extrospectively to the observable self-initiated motion contrasted against the introspectively observable self-initiated motion in the realm of cognition. Such leaves the animal kingdom free to volitionally repeat their self-initiated motions generation after generation while mank
  2. Point taken. She obviously set a distinction by contrasting a volitional consciousness to what would have to be implied as an instinctive consciousness. Perhaps better stated as a volitional conceptual consciousness contrasted with the animal mind amounting to "here now tree", "here now food", "here now master." If the intent is to apply it solely to man and how it relates to his conceptual faculty as set apart from the animal, it is difficult to square with her usual precision and particularization with the English language.
  3. I would say thanks for pointing that out, but I think I alluded to that already.
  4. Rand made the distinction of a volitional consciousness, and the section on life sustaining action stemming from plants, and stampeding though animals and stood man erectly apart using volitional choice as a distinguishing characteristic. If the intent is to merely dilute volitional choice by extending it to what she clearly did not have in mind, what is a better term to use in the place of volition regarding man in her context, or a better term to use regarding animals to avoid usurping its usage here by such a dilution?
  5. Intellectually I do know that. The payoff of this thread personally was understanding just how much weight had implicitly been put on volitional consciousness over the years as the predominate essential element.
  6. A lion or a bear kills a human, animals eating farmers crops - both are generally culled to prevent repeating. While animals can not commit fraud, if volition is not the heart (or essential) of the matter in morality, then something else needs be essential to morality that only man is held to be so, or are kangaroo courts actually being pursued in this thread now?
  7. In 1913, psychology was considered as: (n.) The science of the human soul; specifically, the systematic or scientific knowledge of the powers and functions of the human soul, so far as they are known by consciousness; a treatise on the human soul. While studying entities other than man can provide insight applicable to man, a question that isn't addressed seems to bear on volitional consciousness as it applies to epistemic knowledge, and the episodic appearance of "choice" that resides outside of this refinement.
  8. Healthy Dogma

    Supplies to keep your pets healthy!

  9. oh man, the way you worded this is just so bizarre I'm even more convinced that you are a fringe nut job. What would be more bizarre is to note how the house and senate have ceded much political authority to the presidents and to their executive orders, while only a court order seems sufficient to put an executive-order made "law" into check or overturn an errent law once it is discovered, an example recently enacted out on the state level in Michigan. The peacekeepers (first responders seems a bit ambiguous when conjoined with police and military) answer to their respective exe
  10. Apparently, it's not just the catch-phrases. (Or it just makes for good headliners.) Netanyahu's Trump-style campaign to stop Israel's transfer of power
  11. I did go back and listen. This is a nice tie-in to the Steven Hicks postmodernism talks. And article I ran across this morning on Vaccination is Making America Forget a Basic Pandemic Rule also drove the point home. It is filed as https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/06/individualism-still-spoiling-pandemic-response/619133/ and contained at least this following: From its founding, the United States has cultivated a national mythos around the capacity of individuals to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, ostensibly by their own merits. [Bold mine] and followed up w
  12. Nope. Just waiting to confirm or deny your status as a closet Q-drop addict.
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