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  1. Some upgrade issues resolved as Invision continues to upgrade and improve their software. Thanks @JASKN

  2. It was poor sentence structuring on my behalf. Both essays referred to the book in the OP. Thanks.
  3. This book came up in a recent e-mail, the content of which is posted on as The Causal Theory of Property. Related and linked within, also referencing his book, The Prophet of Causation, which delves into Miss Rand's introduction of the disciples of causation in no uncertain terms.
  4. Rhadamanthus. The protagonist is divulging, by request, what had been relayed earlier in the novel.
  5. From the last page of my copy of this trilogy, (pg. 836): He said that to be happy was to know the definition of your nature, and to live accordingly. If you were a penguin, learn how to do what penguins are best adapted to, which was to swim, and fish, and bear the cold, and not to dream of flying. But if you were a man! You're nature was that of a rational being. Reason could tell you not to desire things beyond your power. Your mind, your will, your judgment, are under your control; the outside world, the options of others, all of that is not. Control what you can control, and leave th
  6. When in the course of daily events it becomes necessary to post to a nearly 7 year old thread... I was looking at a quote this morning that had a profound impact at the time it was copied. In the wake of the recent passing of Terry Goodkind, curiosity struck me and following that white rabbit lead me to the google search of "John C. Wright, Objectivism". Mr. Wright is passingly familiar with Objectivism and has weighed in on various aspects in years gone by in his online journal. The Golden Age stands on its own merit. The book was thoroughly enjoyed, albeit, it took me a number of p
  7. China and Russia are ahead in the global coronavirus vaccine race, bending long-standing rules as they go In recent days, President Trump has pressed for faster release of an American vaccine, while U.S. pharmaceutical companies have resisted the idea of taking a shortcut around long-established safety protocols. On one side there is a rush to just get something out there. On another front, the idea of mandatory vaccination has been hoisted up the proverbial flagpole. Paying kudos to pharmaceutical resistance seems trite in comparison.
  8. On another side of hyped treatments and government response in the absence of a cure is if/when an effective approach does arise. Here is an Epoch Times story: With Vaccine on Horizon, Push for Mandatory Shots Expected to Build stating: “To win the war against the novel coronavirus … the only answer is compulsory vaccination—for all of us,” wrote Dr. Michael Lederman, a medical professor; Maxwell J. Mehlman, a law professor; and Dr. Stuart Youngner, professor of bioethics. While phrased in the all to familiar 'us against them' form, the novel coronavirus is not a sentient being
  9. Welcome to OO, Luke77. What is(are) the flaw(s) of human beings?
  10. The Simplon casualties were by and large due to accidents. Asphyxiation, not so much.
  11. A look at how China, BLM, and the political Left are using the transformative power of sports. American Sports Are Letting Down America, Jason Whitlock, via Imprimis.
  12. Going on two months using EssentialPIM. Already playing with the embedded acronym. Instead of EssentialP(ersonal)l(nformation)M(anager), EssentialP(erfecting)I(ndividual)M(orality) came to mind contemplating a read on The Most Important Question In Atlas Shrugged. Essential? For what? And the above, dovetailed out of a suggested read that 'distracted' me earlier: How to be indistractable by Nir Eyal In a nutshell, freewill and all that it implies.
  13. "Perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice a mistake long enough, you'll get very, very good at it." — Miss Byrd, piano teacher.
  14. How many of them are under a 'Dagny-style' construction management? How many of them would surrender their spare locomotive engine to a civil servant's insistence? The dangers described, generated by a mile of tunnel, are likely to be raised by some exponential factor to the length. Improvements, brought about by minds dedicated to various ventures, have made vast improvements in many fields, ventilation, machines that can lay track as they bore and also fabricate reinforced walls, metallurgical improvements in rail and locomotive applications, . . . have helped in these and other wa
  15. The Taggart Tunnel in Atlas Shrugged was 8 miles long. The following "Poisonous air..." link provides some historical recollections about the 1 mile long (6026 feet) St. Clair River Tunnel. Poisonous air made St. Clair River Tunnel a deadly place to work
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