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  1. Granting Adam the experience of husbandry in the garden of Eden, where no thorns (weeds) grew, this is addressed in Atlas Shrugged, (FTNI, paragraph 214) —ask yourself whether you would be able to discover how to till the soil and grow your food something Adam was more likely going to need learn having been expelled from the 'low-maintenance' fields to which he had become accustomed.
  2. How did life on Earth begin? The chemical puzzle just became clearer. Story by Kasha Patel <snip> People have long scratched their heads trying to understand how life ever got going after the formation of Earth billions of years ago. Now, chemists have partly unlocked the recipe by creating a complex compound essential to all life — in a lab. </snip>
  3. I was provided evidence of Pokyt's appointment when I received several e-mail notifications informing me of warnings being issued. I added EC to the roster as well. As I mentioned last year, of late I've limited myself to updating the forum software with Invision sends out a notification that the software has been updated.
  4. Yes, I, as well as any of the other moderators who are signed up for email notifications are receiving notifications.
  5. Separation agreement reached with employer of 21.5 years, January 2022.

    (i.e. laid-off.)

    Spun-off division I had worked for, reaches out for assistance March 2023.

    (i.e. part-timer)

  6. Sabine Hossenfelden: The Origin of Life: What do we know? Life might be more common than we thought. 21 minutes, 09 seconds https://youtu.be/7yOiZLHDV3U
  7. Respect alchemy. The crazy, criminal pursuit gave us modern science Alchemy had its golden age in the 17th century, when it counted Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle among its adherents. by James Hannam Article for Big Think https://bigthink.com/the-well/crazy-criminal-alchemy-modern-science/
  8. This brings to my thoughts a parallel to a mind/body dichotomy. The individuals as the minds that bring about the corporate body actions. By extension, the spirit (mind) is willing, but the body (corporation) is weak - the body is considered stronger than the will, and the corporation, thus, is viewed as a strong 'evil'. Not that the above excuses the actors actions, although the intentions may play a consideration in some verdicts.
  9. Michigan’s Extreme 1931 Abortion Repealed
  10. I'm running it on Windows 10. If it won't run directly off the cd, there is a way to toggle the install to the 32bit as AlexL indicated in the post prior to yours. I don't want the CD physically in the computer in order to run it, so I copy the contents of the cd to my hard drive and run the install from the copied files.
  11. As indicated, they have been challenged both on that thread and this one. I asked once, I'll ask again who want to toss their name in a hat to take on a role of moderator?
  12. Looking at the definition of hypothetically as an adverb: adverb by imagining a possibility rather than reality; as a hypothesis. "we talked hypothetically about how cool it would be if we moved" Look at the first part of imagining a possibility, in conjunction with rather than reality. There are at least two ways to take that. 1.) Imagining a possibility that is reality based. 2.) Imagining a possibility that is not reality based. Feed in the 'more daunting challenge'. Scientific consensus becomes that objects do not exist independent of consciousness. Identify what a consensus is. It is a noun meaning: a general agreement. Remember why you don't step out in front of a speeding, oncoming truck. (You'll be struck by an unforgiving nemesis, an absolute reality.)
  13. I did not claim that you did say that it was. What I said might be better expressed as: Hmph! What kind of propaganda site would that turn out to be? Why bother? It's hardly worth the effort. The referenced thread is replete with unanswered calls to justify the links to Russia Today. And if the messenger does not supply the onus of proof, that does not create a requirement to shift the onus to refuting and/or disproving the claim to someone else.
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