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  1. In Atlas Shrugged Miss Rand penned, "You would not be able to desire . . . the money that had not been devised, as exchange for goods that did not exist. . ." The silver: gold ratio has fluctuated in terms of fiat dollars over a range of 15:1 to over 100:1. Extrapolate your 50 coins to 50,000 silver coins versus 1,000 gold coins. Would it be easier to transport 70 pounds of metal, 1.5 tonnes, or have a writ of deposit you could redeem at another participating repository? Does investing in gold or silver provide the potential return on investment of the untried, i.e., the new? I
  2. Yamasee War The tribes joined together to fight a common oppressor. To suggest that 10,000 years created a dominant trait of indomitable volition brings to mind an inverse of the use of breeding to domesticate livestock. European tribalism and north American tribalism developed different moralities, stemming from different driving mythologies, or "primitive philosophies". The Yamasee War is not something I recall from school. It popped up in a search for slave trade, native american, to flesh out a better understanding of your propositions.
  3. In this case, the republican 'parent' and democrat 'parent' are being manipulated by the 'kids' and have yet to grasp they're being played. Yes, Nannyism is bad in this context, and the implication you read from my post is another area I can seek to improve my communication skill.
  4. Biden Nannyism, good. Trump Nannyism, bad. A variation on "If you don't like dad's answer, ask for mom's answer instead."
  5. There's a disconnect here. The man who advocates rising back up when knocked down should not be one that views his life as a failure. ... just sayin'.
  6. The court's struck down the entity that is currently sitting in the office of the honorable of the governor of the state of Michigan's executive order akin to being able to make law ex-nilo. Now it has been delegated to the Michigan Department of Health to enforce the regulations (that they create ex-nilo.) The Nanny state requires willing charges to submit to having a nanny. The department of de-education has been cultivating that soil since implementing compulsory education. The operation of moral law does not require anyone's belief. And by extension: nature, to be commanded, must be o
  7. . . . and then the Copyright Police showed up, and found nothing original to draw charges up on . . . (pardon the pun.)
  8. Was she there when the gun first appeared, or was he targeted on the missing pane of glass as the most vulnerable zone to penetration, and she was the first to attempt to enter via that avenue?
  9. So there is no glass pane in the opening Ashli Babbitt chose to climb thru, I think I can concur with that. 1:54-1:55, the window in that door appears to be flapping in a different rhythm to the beat of the frame. Was it the pistol that appeared from the left hand side of the frame that fired the shot? Given the video's focus, the officer would have had to cross the foyer/hallway to get to the opening Ashli was climbing though. Between my martial arts training and ccw training and trying to envision myself on the other side of that entrance - too much information too fast, I'm still
  10. Video shows fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol This clip has pausing and rectangular highlighting of identifications as considered relevant by the 'editor'. The declaration from within the audience, several of which were beating their way though the doors, "He's got a gun" was repeated, as the sounds of the beating on the doors continued. The shot is fired and the beating of the doors also comes to a cessation. 1:35 the officers in front of the door begin their exit, the windows already cracked behind them. 1:40 several begin repeated striking the doors, the w
  11. Riots break out over the country, zones were even created in some parts to accommodate rioters while apologists tried to veil it as free-speech and dismiss the looting as not directly injurious to the life of the looted. A riot breaks out in Washington DC and it is escalated to an insurrection.
  12. @Easy Truth In light of the complaints observed on Facebook and a few other platforms, more emotional capital is being spent whining about how private concerns (like Facebook, Google and others that choose to erect artificial intellectual fences) conduct their affairs than discovering and touting business concerns that would satiate customers that pursue them with service fit rational beings.
  13. From one of the linked articles: A spokesperson for Google confirmed in a statement to Fox News that its "longstanding policies" require that apps with user-generated content have measures in place to remove certain obscene content – including posts that incite violence. Developers agree to those terms... Ignorance regarding the onus of responsibility for actions alluded to earlier is not common-sense knowledge. <edit> It is the proliferation of the mindset that communication incites violence, that can lead to greater violence, left unchecked.</edit>
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