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  1. He has helped out more than once since softwareNerd stepped down.
  2. He registered as the individual behind the ObjectivismOnline domain name.
  3. The test email it was supposed to send me did not arrive. I mentioned it to @DavidV. It may have been one of the numerous updates done to the site inadvertently changed something.
  4. Jason Crawford, The Roots of Progress https://rootsofprogress.org/ Team, Human Progress https://www.humanprogress.org/ Two other efforts that tend to be pushing in the right general direction. Jason Crawford has familiarity with Objectivism, while Human Progress holds a more benevolent sense of life approach per my esteem. Neither are heath centric, though both might deal with it if it fell under their proposed umbrellas.
  5. I just sent another message via a different avenue. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Danzas Argentinas Song by Alberto Ginastera
  7. I made a test post after the last software upgrade. It did not happen for me. I'll ask Invision.
  8. House GOP Primed to Hit Biden With Avalanche of Investigations I'm seeing lots of talk but anticipate little action as this has been dragging on for over three years now. GOP turns focus to Hunter Biden business dealings after winning House I tend to concur with this excerpt: CBS News reported in April that U.S. banks flagged for review more than 150 financial transactions related to the business affairs of either Hunter or James Biden, the president’s brother. The reports do not necessarily mean illegal activity occurred, and only a small percentage of the millions of reports from banks filed each year lead to law enforcement investigations.
  9. Do you have enough evidence to get the support of the District Attorney to tell the prosecuting attorney to move forward, or are they all part of this international conspiracy too? Perhaps you can contact Jim Marrs and get him to update his book Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History that Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons & the Great Pyramids I know you already know What is behind the conspiracy of conspiracies? Have you seen the movie "A Beautiful Mind"?
  10. My bad. Recollecting need for passport for emergency medical evacuation from Bahamas. That combined with this thread being split from another thead dealing with History, discussing the challenges surrounding an exit visa from the Soviet Union... (Topic split from )
  11. Cute. Passport driver's licenses have been available for a few years in Michigan, facilitating travel abroad to Canada. Granted, it is not an exit visa from the Soviet Union, but it still involves international travel.
  12. Heaven forbid you need a license to drive a vehicle. Many encroachments by the state are brought about by a failure to be able to make legitimate causal connections.
  13. I've confirmed that emails are not being sent out. I also brought it up in a related administration thread.
  14. To me, it is intriguing that the Hillsdale College publications and the Russian Times article would be in sync. Hillsdale College is a religious institution located in Michigan, while the Russian Times is a tabloid publicizing presumably from within the Soviet Union.
  15. I don't have any satisfactory answer for myself to your questions. Aside from the Imprimis article being about the current events in the region and correlated with the topic, so I thought it might be relevant and of interest as another source of input.
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