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A criminal, not a capitalist. (Image via Wikipedia.)
Notable Commentary

"[C]onservatives would do well to offer what Ocasio-Cortez can only pretend to: real concern for our problems, the freedom to find the best solutions, and a moral commitment to capitalism." -- Gus Van Horn, in "When They Reduce It to 'Cost,' Conservatives Lose Fight Against Socialism" at RealClear Markets.

"Fortunately, there are organizations like the Institute of Justice working hard to reverse this trend of pointless and counterproductive licensing laws." -- Paul Hsieh, in "How Licensing Laws Harm Mothers, Infants, and Lactation Consultants" at Forbes.

"The t-shirts that says, 'American Capitalist' on the front, with a target printed on the back ... was born after the Madoff scandal, when suddenly every American profit-seeking capitalist was assumed to be up to no good." -- Jonathan Hoenig, in "Jonathan Hoenig: Capitalist Pig, Ayn Rand Fan, Highly Successful Manager" (Interview, 2014) at ThinkAdvisor.

"The currently-prevailing view of the dollar as money, has its own Medieval retrograde motion to explain." -- Keith Weiner, in "Monetary Consequence of Tariffs" at SNB & CHF.

-- CAV

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