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  1. No, it hasn't. Yet. Read carefully your own quotations. Your activism blinds you.
  2. Sam Harris: Campus Protests, Antisemitism, and Western Values (May 13, 2024) Transcript: https://www.samharris.org/blog/campus-protests-antisemitism-and-western-values PS: A fragment from the end:
  3. Israel has yet to learn how to perform a genocide: less then 2% of dead after 6 month of intense bombardments of the most densely populated region on Earth is such a pathetic performance !
  4. Taking positions about a war always amounts to supporting the killing of someone. "Free Palestine!" is not taking positions about a war, because: "Free Palestine!" means suppressing an occupation, The current war is the one between Gaza government and Israel. During this war no occupation took place. Therefore "Free Palestine!" does not mean taking positions about a war. Your comment tries to whitewash SpookyKitty's "Free Palestine!" call, which is a call for murder, a call for genocide, more precisely. There exist, however, also a legitimate call "Free Palestine!".
  5. So, you are incapable of justifying any of your claims; in other words, you know nothing about the subject. Furthermore, you deny that it is your duty to justify your claims. I will report you—again!—to the moderators for not abiding by the rules of rational debate. Additionally, I will ask them to take a stance towards your "Free Palestine!" statement, which I consider a call for murder. @Pokyt @Eiuol @William O
  6. You mean the 2022 Amnesty International report? Yes, you are correct, I did not address this and I regret it. I focused on your denial of the principle/rule that, in a rational debate one has the obligation to justify one's claims, if asked. I looked back on your older comments in this thread and I found out that now is not the first time that you deny the legitimacy of this rule. OK, now about your argumentation with this report. I asked you to provide facts justifying your claims/conclusions. But instead of facts, you pointed me to a source claiming those same conclusions. Yes, I guess that that 280 pages report does list some facts in support of its conclusion, but the problem is : if I disagree with the truth o those facts and/or conclusions, to whom I address my objections? Therefore: take your claims one by one and justify them. (Besides, by unreservedly recommending the AI report, you will also have to justify/prove every one of its claims, if asked. This is how it works!) Here is a free😁advice for you: Only by researching a subject yourself can you justify your claims; merely reproducing the conclusions of others risks embarrassment.
  7. After 4 months I am still waiting...
  8. 😁 Don't be insolent: it is not about "educating" me, but about justifying your claims. This is your moral obligation in a rational debate, especially on this forum.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣 I suppose you can justify each of your claims with - sourced - facts; otherwise, you wouldn't be expressing them on this forum, would you? Then please do.
  10. Boydstun is not smearing you. The problem is in your head. Urgently go out and seek psychiatric help.
  11. Why does nobody care about a massive terrorist threat to the United States and against my own life? Follow your mother's advice. Use your intelligence: you have nothing to lose. She certainly wishes you the best. She is not participating in the conspiracy. Neither am I or @Boydstun
  12. There is only essentially one. Which is...?
  13. ... there "advice " is complete nonsense There is no reason for them ALL to wish you harm. Follow their advice. Especially if all of them have the same advice.
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