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Demographics: Member Geographical Location

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Since it has been a while, I just updated the US and non-US lists.

Here's a summary, of US states where we have 10 or more members telling us they're from the state...

Los Angeles, California - USA

It would be interesting to see a ratio based on each state's population. I wish I knew how to do that, however I tend to end up in the realm of creative math instead of real math.

Anyway, obviously the most populous states are going to have higher numbers, but I wonder if, as a percentage, there are higher amounts of objectivismonline.net forum members in any specific state. I'll try to ball park it. lol

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I just want to register my protest that I do not agree with this collectivist "grouping" of members based on location. This is a step towards towards nationalism and collectivism.

Are you serious? Are you seriously serious? One, there's absolutely nothing wrong with grouping - that's how conceptualization works in the first place. Two, there's nothing nationalist or collectivist about it. Is it nationalist or collectivist of you to ask where your friend lives? If not, then what's wrong with someone asking about where the members of this forum live? The information can be useful.

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