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  1. Philosophically , in another thread a poster discussed cultural differences as exhibiting a quasi sliding scale of understanding and communicating of sense/perception/ experiencing modes among various groups. Emotions and the experience of them is or can be seen in context as similar in bringing to attention the feeling of emotions and particular emotions in the same manner as sense perception ,ie a percept a kin to discerning color gradients. Communicating the experience of a particular would be dependent on the parties to the communication sharing a common ‘vocabulary’ , concepts distilled to ‘word tags’ that have the same referents. It could be that claims of not understanding or not experiencing a particular emotion are due to misaligned identification of particular emotional states between the parties. With jealousy in particular , especially in a morality based on rational egoism , it is or seems to be always associated with a negative connotation, like a character defect in AA. A ‘pathological jealousy’ would not I suspect, be conducive to a self fulfilling life and so should be actively avoided. But the experience of the emotion itself , the recognition of the experience sans immediate repression is at root ‘involuntary’ and not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing. It need not automatically signal or lead to resignation or a sapping of will, it can and does function as a spark to more determined action if channeled toward action to remedy the cause.
  2. One of the first things Trump did when elected , which I actually forgot about so thanks for the reminder, was to launch an investigation into voter fraud. I’m not sure how that can be used as a charge against his integrity or desire to ensure freer or fairer elections. Of course the mainstream media castigated him for it and by doing so focused on his suspected megalomania and not what such an investigation would or might uncover. I doubt either the Rs or Ds want anyone focused for very long on the question as to whether or not the ‘system’ is game-able and certainly not any attention to instances of gaming. It is also not surprising that DC Rs ridiculed and tried to quash the effort. State governments actually refused to give information too. So now we have less secure chain of custody verification and obiquitous electronic machines for tabulation that confer neither monetary savings or efficiency or security, but do guarantee the opportunity for fuckery. I know, no one has stood up in court (no one has been forced yet) and attest to fuckery which is the same thing as there being now and has been in the past none.
  3. Six AP reporters went to interview election officials in several states and asked the people in charge of the process if they had failed or cheated and they all said ,no? That is some exhaustive investigation from a venerated news conglomereate and reported by a state funded agency. Is it meant as satire ?
  4. Well technically my delusions based on Trump’s ‘lies’ , be a little gracious and give me some credit. Still wrapping my head around the best path idea.
  5. Don’t support the politician who wants one day qualified in person paper ballot voting , because that is an all rhetoric and just a ploy to have himself , I guess legimately ‘installed’ as dictator. Because the rational course of action is to support the statist party actively diluting the citizenery with illegal voters in order to have them gain majority control of all branches of government and I guess wait for an opportunity to wrest political power from them legitimately ie fair elections in the near or distant future? An incremental growth in statism is the best path to thwarting statism? That sounds safe and effective
  6. Unite the Right was the beta for Patriot Front , I think they dropped the tiki torch thing , little too antiquated. At the presser Trump said the ‘sides’ in any legitimate sense were the people on either side of the issue of removing Confederate or adjacent icongraphy from public spaces. And by fine people he was intimating that it was a heated debate , that there were obvious emotional undercurrents that stem from personal attachment to deciding the merits of the question of removal. He wasn’t announcing a re-airing of Birth of a Nation at the WH. He also said there were bad people on both sides meaning both factions of those instigating violence ie Antifa and Unite the Right. He did say that he thought the undercurrent of the motivation for removing such statues would lead to tearing down Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington.
  7. History is only as useful as those who read it , it falls on them to discriminate for objectivity. Essentially.
  8. I was very preachy and condescending about objectivism , especially in internet communications as I wasn't wise enough to consider if it was correct for me, lol. Perhaps I've grown , or more likely realize the opportunity for growth and am delving into it , lol. I think the most important thing I receive(d) from Rand is the recognition of the need for integration, I took it as a universal imperative. But I've come to see my understanding of all things O'ist/m was firmly grounded in a materialist worldview I gained(?) by osmosis as it were. Starting with Rand as early as I did in my intellectual development, I mistakenly, ignored other modes of thinking and only paid attention to the 'orthodox' criticisms. As a system I think O'ism is a fantastic foundational system to understand a purely 'physical' universe, I think its greatest attributes are in the epistemological realm , but with the caveat of it being applied to a near strict materialism. Again , that is my understanding, one that I thought was correct, only I didn't understand fully the caveat. Who knows perhaps I'll make it back to accepting the caveat , but for now I'm feeling more like a recovering materialist, lol.
  9. "Chronicler" has a more objective vibe than "historian" , no?
  10. You are basically questioning whether or not a human consciousness can be 'objective', it seems without an answer to that , none can be forthcoming.
  11. I think the ability to silence rests in all things DC , the Left just happens to be seemingly the ‘ones’ in control of the beast currently. Law should dismantle the beast but fortune and power has more say, an eternal problem.
  12. Rule of Law , tempered by its blind applicability to all , whenever it only applies to some it becomes dangerous to all.
  13. Is that why Zuckerberg gave the 2020 election effort a reported half a billion, bewildering however it may be that it is kosher for a private individual to operate or facilitate a wholly if not defining governmental prerogative , and activity. He must have thought his actions would help to open markets by focusing his efforts in big D districts, so it looks like he favors what the democrats were signally about the regulations relevant to his sector ?
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