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  1. Aren't the implications that the standard model didn't predict these 'new' values and what that then says about the standard model ?
  2. When I ran the experiment, the guy called one of those real estate outfits that buys homes for cash , liquidated all his assets and set up a rescue center for retired non winning race horses.
  3. "lies, damned lies and statistics" The list of the top ten strongest men in the world, that is the ranking of the participants in the competition of the same name , not the actually ranking of the strength of men on earth .
  4. Thanks for the clip , it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie, funny the scene was more violent than I remember. As I remembered it she says that line to bide her time , shift his focus ? Having just reviewed the scene that sense doesn’t seem as demonstrable but not exactly out of the realm possibility to have been her intent. Perhaps my memory of the scene colored the editing lol. ps I remember being at the video rental looking at the blurbs on the VHS cassette jackets , picking out the movie night selection (plus another selection in conjunction of my choice, becaus
  5. Ah that trope is in play in the scene from True Romance where the character Alabama fights the mafia hit man. The hitman senses her vulnerability in being female and she uses that apprehension against him. In my opinion that scene is one of the best and in a sense most realistic scenes dramatizing female on male violence.
  6. Alabama vs James Gandolfini’s character in True Romance , all I’m sayin
  7. I tried to correct my post , we crossposted
  8. If as you say, most of the underclass is black , what do you identify as the cause ? Post 1960 black American culture ?
  9. You don't know any black people ? The above statement was posted before I saw your answer that the underclass was predominantly black and not that most black people are predominantly underclass.
  10. Do you mean a high percentage of blacks are situated in the underclass, or that the underclass is made up of mostly black people, or both ? Sexual predation and substance abuse aren’t necessarily limited to those in a specific socio-economic strata. Though those behaviors are highly associated with membership in the ‘lower classes’, poor education is likely a more causal factor.
  11. Not a good sign if those who lean to individualism are so frightfully dupable.
  12. Would the nation of Aristotlists be granted MFN status ?
  13. How long before the CCP decides to release the contents of that hard-drive?, if the Alaska debacle is any indication the ball is squarely in their court.
  14. I’ve often wondered if the reason plants in general eschew the energies that produce ‘green’ in the visible spectrum will have exploitable properties in energy harvesting. Green technology?
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