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  1. I’m not saying the war in Ukraine is inherent in NATO expansion per se , but it is the consequence of a possible expansion of NATO in Ukraine. If or when Ukraine expels all Russian forces from their territory with the aid and backing of the west , it will be practically obligated to join NATO , so a larger and more secure NATO will be accomplished by the grinding up of Ukraine.
  2. Well in the video they showed what that city looked like under Ukrainian ‘occupation’ and then the destruction it suffered , a seeming complete leveling, after Russian liberation. And you are correct that those images confirm my view that Ukraine is being ground into pulp as a result of Ukraine’s stated intentions to seek membership in NATO. The west has been enthusiastically behind that effort , even though those especially in the US knew that was an action the Kremlin considers a ‘red line’. Putin could not attack or invade a NATO member without committing Russia to total war , so he invaded Ukraine before it could join. As a defensive pact NATO expansion would logically mean expansion represents a greater degree of security for members of the group. So.. a more secure NATO through the destruction of Ukraine and its citizens.
  3. I put likes on the posts because I appreciate the window into modern Russians and the glimpse into their culture. The video showed the grinding , you missed that ?
  4. Links to contemporary Russian and adjacent voices are appreciated. The video seems to highlight the overall theme that Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens are being ground up in the effort to strengthen the security of the NATO countries. As a cultural note is the Patriotic War still a touchstone for the majority of population ? I seem to remember hearing that , in Moscow at least , newlyweds would visit a war memorial on the day of nuptials as a matter of course. The video seemed to show that reverence is still ‘functional’ at least in the east ?
  5. But what about the stuff from congressmen and "Hamilton 68 " ? The people at Twitter knew what Adam Schiff was after was bullshit and said so to each other , yet acquiesced anyway , those actions were furthering legitimate investigations and good science, too ?
  6. I think the problem is with 'sufficiently advanced' and what that would mean re 'independent' consciousness. It seems that app is an image 'analyzer' and pixel map 'interrogator'. Applying concepts like concretes and induction to the operations of an app like that is 'still' anthropomorphizing. An image or picture is a human artifact, a product of human technology, a static representation of a non-noncontinuous visual field. It would be interesting if an AI could 'look' at a picture of a collage of cat photos alongside a picture of a room that contains as a group: a photo of a cat(or multiple cat photos) , a stuffed animal cat, and a live cat interacting with a person or object and have it answer how many living cats are represented. And yet another thing to 'plunk down' a robot 'inhabited' with an AI in a room with all those same things and have it make the same 'judgement'. A philosophizing robot AI would be one that said "I'll get back to you on that capitalism thing, after I finish the sudoku ( or ALL the sudokus, lol), btw correct in what context?" ps Boydsun cross posted and cited and pretty much articulated much betterly the ideas contained here
  7. The nihilists are the ones lamenting the cessation of death and destruction and not able to truly appreciate a proper victory. Lol
  8. I’ve recommended reading the novel, given copies of The Fountainhead the novel and lent out a VHS copy of the movie to several people over the years and I’m not a teacher. The evils of public/state schools notwithstanding, the notion that the presentation of worthwhile ideas should or only does ‘happen’ at school is a cultural artifact that should be removed.
  9. I'm going to assume there have been no significant editorial changes at the Lancet "Modern attitudes to human health take a purely anthropocentric view—that the human being is the centre of medical attention and concern. " They seem to be just the publishing arm of the WHO( headed by the commie dude who doesn't know the difference between watery diarrhea and cholera) https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(23)00090-9/fulltext?dgcid=raven_jbs_etoc_email
  10. What are you talking about ? The point was that it is irrationally to kill someone for not properly wearing a mask given what all the data on the lethality of Covid reveals. What aspect of public health or sanitation was the judge defending in that case?
  11. This video seems to have a different and more expansive take than just HPAI, sounds more like we may need a Galt Line dedicated to feed corn https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q0llkZSgkCT1/
  12. Yes obviously , as the acquiescence of a significant portion of the population to the covid strictures has shown. Where to draw the line ? At the rational analysis of the datum that could inform policy. Here is a tragic example of how irrationality can lead to the use of force and the double tragedy of its excuse. https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/01/16/outrageous-but-unsurprising-canadian-judge-tosses-case-against-guards-who-killed-a-woman-for-not-wearing-a-mask-n524001
  13. heh didn't even read this yet but .. https://www.barrons.com/news/getty-images-targets-ai-firm-for-copying-photos-01673961609
  14. "Brains in a silicone or quantum jar" would have to be excluded from obtaining copyright. It isn't apparent that anyone has yet developed a generalized artificial intelligence. I suspect a reading of the "legalese" involved in copyright/ patent laws could 'find' intent as a condition of application, so in that sense an "AI" system,( and without the 'generalized' qualifier would lack intent) that creates musical scores should not qualify as an author. Or it could be that it needs to be codified , lol
  15. First item in a search yielded this article , obviously can’t vouch for the scholarship but does mention some possible routes of inquiry , ie the original act. https://news.ucr.edu/articles/2019/11/05/what-does-it-really-mean-be-land-grant-college
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