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  1. Their ruminations on consciousness and awareness. I'm extremely attracted to Advaita Vedanta.
  2. I think Trump was hoodwinked into implementing anti-freedom/private property policies and expanding military/government powers as response to Covid. What part of the job of POTUS did Trump perform evilly?
  3. I would venture that the mind that builds Starships for self betterment and added betterment to the universe, was on an implicit level rebelling and being 'finished with fire' as it were, while being subjected to the consequences of being surrounded by poverty, especially an unjust poverty. Having been born in the US, I was blessed to not have been subjected to poverty. While never 'wealthy' or free of mundane monetary concerns , I nonetheless have never experienced existential want. The 'tie in' I'm looking for is a satisfying ontology that reduces the 'cause' or describes a fundamental base to the subjectivity of my awareness. Having become recently introduced to Vedic philosophies, I've been checking a whole lot of premises !!
  4. Was the power he wielded evil? And so by wielding he became evil, or did he corrupt the wielding of a prior established power that was uncorrupted?
  5. Trump the producer and creator of value, is evil on an O'ist forum ?
  6. The Iranian mullahs and their regime are undoubtedly state sponsors of terrorism, ie Hezbollah, Hamas ect, but the current US administration has recently lessened sanctions against Iran that some have described as basically' giving Iran billions in cash' , true or truish does that make the US complicit in their sponsorship? The US state department told Iran it would be best to inform Turkey of launching , what Iran calls reprisals for the attack on their embassy in Syria(?) that killed at least one senior Iranian military commander. The previous US admin killed an Iranian military official 'ex country' and admitted that they know the Iranians would retaliate will a strike but that the strike would be relatively 'minimal' and was allowed as an act of 'face saving'. So , basically, the big boys play at a game were strikes and counter strikes , tits for tats, are expected and warranted. With Jordan seemingly siding with Israel in this particular 'tat' , it looks like something closer to an Abrahamic Accord thingy forming against Iran , than a prelude to doomsday, no ?
  7. Stephen's mind and their products are one of a kind! Though the longer I contemplate objective reality , the more bereft I come to see no satisfying guide to tie in my selfish subjective experience/relation to all of It.
  8. So not just an Italian thing , lol.
  9. So Whitehead was correct that western philosophy is a footnote to Plato?
  10. While I would agree with the principle of avoiding theocracy, religious schools should not be disallowed in law. The solution is to do away with government supported schools. But Christianity is very foundational to Louisiana, Catholicism in particular as in their 'counties' are 'parishes'.
  11. Publishing your theoretical findings should lessen the immediate threat to your life, and seems the only way left to safeguard any potential personal benefit you may derive from your work. At this juncture it appears to be the least worst option.
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