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  2. Don't forget what has to be proved : each of the 7 mentioned criticisms (by whYNOT) of the entire Western media is true. In particular, that it is all "egregiously devious", indoctrinating and propagandizing, almost never conduct unbiased investigations and so on. And these were only about media. I didn't quote other sins that whYNOT is accusing the West of, and kind of contrasting it with the putinist Russia.
  3. The manner in which the crimes and corruption of the Biden Crime Family is discussed, is propaganda. Now that's the funniest thing I have seen this year! Thank you for that.
  4. He's not a great guy, but yes, the manner in which it is talked about is. That vaccines cause more harm? It usually is a type propaganda that lead people to believe that. Pretty much a nonissue, that you bring it up seems kind of silly. Could easily be from propaganda that makes it seem relevant. I think saying this is a reason for rioting is usually from a type of propaganda as well. Pharmaceutical companies make pretty good products, vaccines included, unless there is reason to think that a specific company has engaged in routine fraud (as opposed to pharmaceutical companies that regularly make effective and useful products). Whatever it takes to approve those is fine with me.
  5. I have heard the open assault argument too. But all of the theories I have heard of seem to have some arbitrary elements to them so I have not become enamored with any of the theories. When I see a philosopher gaining traction that promotes the idea that right and wrong are simply a human invention, as if that has no significance, I get worried. I don't know what to make of "there is no free will therefore we should ...". Should what? What is the point of assuring any freedom if you don't have freewill to exercise it? Maybe a dialogue is all that is needed, but I would assume this type of educated person is now set in their ideology and has already invested in their position and will not change. The next step is to counter each of their arguments which is painstakingly slow.
  6. I would love to have some help refuting everything in this article. It is pretty hard hitting and many of my friends are asking me about it. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/8/1/2113850/-How-a-Child-Killer-Set-the-Stage-for-Today-s-Republicans-to-Revel-in-Cruelty I do have a refutation of the murder (Hickman) issue here https://aynrand.no/did-ayn-rand-admire-killer-william-hickman/
  7. The initial gut reaction would be to ask if Yuval Noah Harari is in cahoots with folks the likes of Daniel Schmachtenberger and Alexander Bard. In her essay, For The New Intellectual, Miss Rand put forth: "If America perishes, it will perish by intellectual default. There is no diabolical conspiracy to destroy it: no conspiracy could be big enough and strong enough." Yet, I've run across individuals who declare that it is not a conspiracy, that the attack on America is an open assault (by the descendants of Frankfurt School, for instance), that the power of philosophy is recognized by the enemies of philosophy and being harnessed produce a concentrated impact, dedicated to bringing down any supporters of an alternative view of existence. In other words, it is not a conspiracy being done behind the scenes, but an open assault with no need to remain hidden behind the scenes, in order to escape detection. Is this how the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" be brought about?
  8. It is repeating propaganda talking points to say Biden is corrupt as evidenced by his son’s data? Or that the vaccines and the lockdowns caused more harm than any they prevented ? Is there proof they are safe and effective? Pregnant female military personnel are a needed component of an effective fighting force , the American ideal is a society that sends its pregnant females into battle ? Rioting in response to ‘racism’ is a civil right , that certain groups should be encouraged to participate in ? What part of “capitalism” allows for regulatory capture , or do believe the FDA issuing the EUA for the experimental vaccine platforms was kosher and above board? Can you get the approved formula in the US yet ? The one without liability protection ? Last I heard the only available formulations are issued under a continuing EUA regimen.
  9. As if your examples you used couldn't be propaganda? Anyway, distorted information is a major issue from RT. Also, the Objectivist theory of history is basically that ideas and philosophy shape what the public at large believes. Stopping at modern history being shaped by propaganda is more like a Leftist analysis of history where the powers of capitalism manipulate the average person through false consciousness brought about by large media corporations. You are blaming capitalism centrally (which of course makes the US take the most criticism), including big Pharma ("they want us to think that vaccines are safe!"), political dynamics manufactured by the media, and to top it off, that the West is completely up to no good for just about any conflict or disagreement. All you do that is really different is that you avoid using the word capitalism.
  10. "Orderly election process" is the funniest thing I have seen this year. Thank you.
  11. Trump never claimed he would not accept the outcome of an orderly election process. He does not recognize the outcome as legitimate. What is the proof that it was? The media reports ?
  12. I do not have to read Trump's mind to identify and judge his actions. No, I voted because I thought voting LP was more constructive than not voting at all. I would be very surprised if Biden were examining individual ballots or guessing at the motivation of individual voters. Tallying one more vote in the LP column will have a very small effect, but it is better than not voting at all.
  13. I've recently started watching News Nation Prime. They claim to be avoiding the extremes of both left and right and providing unbiased news. Has anyone investigated to see how successful they are at avoiding bias?
  14. Did you want to add reading Trump’s mind to the list of examples of the effects of propaganda in Western media ? Did you vote out of an emotional response to a perceived civic duty ? Or did you think your ballot would be brought to Biden so he could be aware of your disappointment in his personal scruples?
  15. Trump is provably unwilling to accept the outcome of orderly election processes and arguably to the extent of treason. No, I'm not enthusiastic for the LP. But voting LP sends a less ambiguous message than not voting at all, and is a lot less trouble than picketing the polling place.
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  17. Now let’s do covid reaction and vaccine uptake. Then we can go the list of other examples and add many more and maybe discuss how they may all be the subject and or object of propaganda for the captured media concerns in the West. Dave Smith looks like the next candidate for President for the Libertarian party, the “go Dave” was in reference to that , I assumed DM would know that given his enthusiasm for the LP.
  18. This "reasoning" is the same "how else do you explain...", and it proves nothing. I already explained why. And Doug Morris mentioned, in his comment above, other possible explanations.
  19. Biden is provably corrupt and arguably to the extent of treason, but ok you voted L , go Dave !
  20. There are a lot of reasons why elections go the way they do. This includes partisanship, bad ideas, and too many people voting their emotions. Trump is terribly flawed. I couldn't see my way clear to voting for either him or Biden, so I voted Libertarian.
  21. so like g-d? a theocracy ? a superior theocracy ?
  22. Not sure why you say "always rational". There would be no point in saying rational egoism if it was always rational. "Rational egoism—or rational self-interest—is the name that Ayn Rand gave to the moral code of her philosophy, Objectivism. This book is a guide to understanding rational egoism by means of your own observations and integrations." https://www.theobjectivestandard.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Understanding-Rational-Egoism.pdf
  23. Boydstun, I feel like you're almost talking about how similarity criteria are used in engineering. In the case of elastic deformation, the Poisson ratio comes to mind. Or consider such proposals for chemistry as this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8607974/ With regard to your remarks on what you're calling magnitude dimensions, a given characteristic might map to a number of them. But if our state of knowledge hasn't found something as rigorous as dimensions, we'd have to enumerate and map out the CCD's some other way. One type of situation that comes to mind is how sometimes not having a certain characteristic counts against the possibility of it being an A much more than having the characteristic provides strong evidence for the possibility of it being an A. That sort of asymmetry could complicate the use of a rigorous definition that you already trust. Also, while a tentative definition can sometimes help, I can think of two major classes of situations where a definition could be misleading: 1. There can be situations where it is premature to try to articulate a definition. Consider that before we learned that the number of protons defined the elements and constrained oxidation numbers, elements were given lengthy descriptions and were associated with specific chemical tests to determine composition of materials. 2. There are perfectly decent definitions which do not explain a number of characteristics actually used for the purpose of classification. Consider "heat flow". Or consider the use of equations serving as similarity criteria for comparing physical systems.
  24. I used five examples to show that 'western' , 'main stream media' or 'corporate media' uses propaganda to persuade the public at large to believe their narratives and that the proof is the ridiculous situations that are manifest in the real world. These situations could only come about if enough of the 'public at large' was fed only so much biased distorted information. Biden sold his influence while in office to agents of foreign governments , if not the governments themselves. The 'proof' is in Hunter Biden's personal data that became public. The Biden's have not disputed the authenticity of the data it is prima facie evidence of corruption , it literally could not be more blatant. That information was 'publicly' available prior to November 2019. And yet Biden was elected by the highest popular vote total ever, I think. How did a provably corrupt official garner such popular support? Is Biden a successful demagogue , his soaring rhetoric and personal appeal won over the majority of the voting public ? His political and legislative career was so laudable and impressive that his 'track record' made him the obvious choice even in the face of the proof of his corruption?
  25. Many here have been trying to find the “morality of irrational selfishness” which is a contradiction, selfishness is always rational, as described by rand. There are only two moralities that are predatory and therefore irrational. egoism: the morality of self interest (always rational) altruism: the morality of self-sacrifice (always irrational) henodism: the morality of seeking pleasure at all cost (even if someone has to do irrational things to achieve pleasure), see Rand description of the concept hedonism: To say that pleasure should be the standard of morality simply means that whichever values you happen to have chosen, consciously or subconsciously, rationally or irrationally, are right and moral Now someone who robs a bank, or the kid of the previous exaple who didn’t pay his friends, or even someone who cheated on his wife, fits more with having a hedonist morality, that would be “the irrational selfishness sort of speak”…. they all were having a predatory behavior, seeking short-term pleasure in doing these irrational acts which could almost certainly be detrimental for them. Of course someone could achieve pleasure doing rational acts to, but a hedonist doesn’t know the difference, is just by pure accident that in his quest for pleasure he ends up doing something rational instead of irrational. The altruist on the other hand when he practice altruism individually, can only harms himself, only self-sacrifice and self-destructs himself, but when altruism is applied on a collectively matter, as a duty (collectivism), then the consequence is always the sacrifice individuals for the sake of the public good of the group or tribe.
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  27. 1. OK, then prove that each of these 7 criticisms of the entire Western is fair, that is true; 2. "How else do you explain" this or that proves nothing. It only shows that the person uttering this "argument" has no other explanation, not that no other explanation is possible. He still has to positively prove that his explanation is the correct one. Moreover, this "argument" does not compel the interlocutor to come with an alternative explanation. It only shows that the utterer's is an arbitrary one.
  28. I stumbled upon this suggestion to me by the algorithm this morning , while a little lengthy (but exactly a good pace for Saturday cleaning chores) , the conversation reminded me of the questions in this thread , or at least struck me as thinking adjacent , as the kids like to say, to questions that may be raised in a continuing thread in this vein.
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