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  1. I saw it last night. Drove 80 miles to see it. It was a movie with a 10 million dollar budget in a world of 100 and 200 million dollar budget movies. Having said I that I really enjoyed the movie as I went there to see a movie that I knew was on a low budget, no big special effects and no 50 million dollar actors. If you go to see it expecting a 100 million dollar movie and true perfection of the Ayn Rand book then you WILL be disappointed. The only way to make the book truly come to life would result in a 20 hour movie, therefore it would never be done. I however felt the movie was as good a portrayal of the first part of the book as could be done on that budget and in 142 minutes. I will see any followups as I am happy to see someone at least made an effort to get the movie out there for people to be able to see it. My biggest disappointment with this movie is not with the actual movie but with it's promotion. I think they really missed the boat with that. In a time when most of the headlines in first part of the movie are becoming true life experiences they could have used that to drive people to see it. That I think is the wasted opportunity in all of this. Absolutely NO advertising at all.
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