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  1. Well, Singapore has always been thankful to Raffles for founding it. We learn about china and India coz those are where Singaporeans' ancestors come from. We start off history from places near us and related to us. We will do European history later,, Thank you ropoct for the great website! =)
  2. Hi, I am looking for an ancient civilisation as the subject of a history project. It needs to display features of a golden age which, according to my notes, are great prosperity, military glory and cultural, artistic and scientific achievements. With focus on the arts and science. I was very disposed to choose Maya. I had read about it before, and am very amazed by its advancements in astronomy (or astrology?) and mathematics and its mysterious and gory religion. However, I realised they did not manage to develop any military defence and rarely made conquest. (am I right?) It looks li
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