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  1. i love capitalism but have an issue with one area. This is something that i have struggled with for some time now and maybe someone could clarify. I am a hairstylist and my salon carries products by the big three of cosmetics (loreal, proctor and gamble, and Estee Lauder) These groups collective own about 99 percent of all cosmetic companies and that is fine. the problem is that as i work with these groups more and more it has become clear that they spend the bulk for their money not on finding ways to make better products or more competitive prices. it is spent primarily on marketing. By marketing i dont just mean product placement and billboards. they employ psychologists to show them how to position products to be subconsciously attractive to clients they use this to base their colors, shapes, words, and even ingredients. for example there are multiple companies that use "diamond dust" in their ingredients which are literally ground up diamonds put in shampoo and conditioner. when i asked what the benefit is to a client their response was that there was none. it just made the product seem more attractive based on test studies and such. These and other techniques are used in all different industries very similarly. packaging, placement, and advertisements have become down right subliminal. So as a capitalist I am a believer that the most popular product will be the one with the most value either by highest quality or by best price. It is contradictory in this case though because the most popular products today are rarely the best ones or the most reasonable but the ones who spend the most time trying to trick people into the illusion of quality. without regulation dont we get even more subliminal advertisement? please help me understand this
  2. It seems to me to be some what pointless to speak of art objectively. obviously you can say that my paintings are not as good as Dali and you would be quite rite in saying that. But to argue with a person or people about why one artist or work of art should speak to them over another is senseless. If an artist creates something that inspires you it is probably because there is a common theme that you share with him or her. the artist projects this through the art and that is why it speaks to you. but if some one else doesn't share this theme its impossible to convince them that this work is better than one that does speak to them. art is objective only to a degree and is entirely subjective after that. -Nick
  3. Hey guys!!! first post as a new member and what a fun start. I must say that there are a lot of interesting takes on this issue both in agrement and in opposition but the problem with the latter, in my opinion, seems to be that is based on the concern of others. It assumes that a tattoo is a projection to others and that any joy or hard times must come by their reaction to it. A tattoo (particularly an objectivist one) can be a constant reminder of your values to yourself. its permanence is much like the eternal bonds of a marriage. it is a vow to uphold yourself to your values forever. It is also an inescapable presence much like living in a house designed by Roark. if you are not worthy of its intent or stray from its meaning it will serve as a constant reminder of your lac of character, if you stand by those values it will serve as a monument to your greatness, your unwavering dedication to stand by your values. of course we must understand that we live amongst other people and how they think of us may be a factor to consider. but that must come secondary to how we feel about ourselves. I would suggest placing your tattoo in an area that will be visable when you need it the most. i would think that a tattoo of Galt's oath would be great across your chest so that when you look in the mirror in the morning it is right there as a burning symbol of the words that you belive. I as a hairstylist want a tattoo that says "Form Follows Function" on my outer fore arm so during a consultation with a client it can serve as a reminder that i should be building a shape that fits them ascetically, stylistically, and according to their desired upkeep. An "A is athiesm" tattoo would serve you well vertically on a thumb so that if your ever caught in a situation where you feel the need to pray it will remind you of the senselessness of prayer. though it seems to me that the intent of this tattoo is provocation rather than inspiration in which case the wrist is an excellent placement. a tattoo on you back is purely ornamental which is fine but keep that in mind. Just my two cents -Nick
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