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  1. Hello all, I should explain myself. I've finally grown entirely sick of the masses of population to whom principle and morality no longer has much meaning. I've spent lots of my time on sites like Reddit over the last years, arguing for libertarian principles and the virtues of liberty and free action, only to be increasingly shouted down by larger and larger groups of collectivists, statists, and 'expediency of the moment' types who hate and attack anyone who suggests that Government can cause problems in society. The Europeans are the worst, they think you're a caveman if you don't believe in a powerful Government which lords over us like a father figure. I've finally cracked. I cannot live amongst these people anymore, I can't take the complete disregard for liberty that passes in modern times. People never seem to realize that you can never have a rational society as long as you are treating the Government like a toolbox anyone can open and use as long as they get enough votes. Instead, they will even defend morally bankrupt bureaucrats like Anthony Weiner, precisely because he has no morals, he gets a free pass for being a disgusting lecher and serial liar while anyone who actually advocates morality is crucified for any missteps. Honestly, I don't know what I want to do anymore. I hope coming to a place like this won't create an echo chamber, but instead have ideas that actually jive with reality and as things really are. I'm sick of hearing trash like "Corruption is just the way of life in China, they're used to it, we can't judge their society!" and "Look at Sweden and Norway, we should all be more like Europe, they have it so great over there!" While ignoring all the SPECIFICS of the situation. The absolute worst are the hordes of people that exist nowadays, who would rather seize the Government for their own ends than see the inherent danger in it. They see more benefit in wielding the whip hand themselves. The world is becoming frightening more by the day, and the tide of the masses seems to be unstoppable in its ignorance and "Me, Now" attitude. I am still rather discouraged. I hope that I can find a place where people are actually more in touch with reality where intelligent ideas can be discussed and people learn from one another in a constructive fashion, rather than pontificating worthless ideas they're reading off the back of a napkin. Perhaps it can be here.
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