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  1. I'm going to buy a new car and my friend recommended one named KIA "soul" . Now i'm searching for information about Korea's brand car. is there anyone who has one? I'd like to share information with you all. Hyundai-Kia Sell Over 100,000 Cars Per Month in the U.S. The Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group saw peak sales of 105,065 cars in the U.S. market last month to cap five straight months where sales had exceeded the 100,000 benchmark. Its July sales figure in the U.S. marked an on-year rise of 17 percent. For its part, Hyundai Motor America sold 59,561 vehicles in July to mark a 10-perce
  2. The South Korean prosecution has launched a sweeping investigation into Internet users carrying out anti-state acts including praising North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il, its military and society, officials said Tuesday. The move comes as the number of pro-Pyongyang postings on websites based here and overseas has increased, which according to observers has threatened to undermine social order and incited other citizens to join their praise of the communist state. Investigators believe that the content of the postings is “beyond what can be tolerated within the freedom of expression.”
  3. A Korean restaurant has received a star rating on the Michelin Guide for the first time. The prestigious guide gave one star out of a maximum of three to "Danji," a restaurant in Manhattan run by Korean-American Hooni Kim, in its New York edition, which hit book stores on Wednesday. Previously, the only Korea restaurant to appear on the guide's radar was Sorabol in Hong Kong, which received a fork rating one notch below a star rating. Danji is exclusive and only has enough seating for 36 people. It was praised earlier by the New York Times as offering "only joy" and has become popular
  4. North Korea doing something you thought you'd see in movies. Several times in the past weeks, activists against North Korea have been marked for assassination by North Korean agents.... with poison needles. Three times in recent weeks, activists opposing the government of North Korea's Kim Jong Il have been marked for assassination by well-trained agents wielding poisoned needles, fellow activists allege. A 46-year-old South Korean pastor named Kim living in Dandong, a Chinese city near the North Korean border, was found unconscious in the street - his face and fingers badly discolo
  5. K-POP cover dance festival is going to be held in korea. K-POP cover dance is that people imitate Korean singers' dance with their popular music. Many fans like this because people could learn a language and enjoy melody while they are dancing to the song. this festival is composed of 3 stages. first, people will get through the preliminaries and they are going to be assessed by the world fans. the teams that are selected in former preliminaries will go on the second preliminary and they will be appraised again by korean famous dancers and musicians. if they pass the final off-line preliminary
  6. I'm a gamer and like sudden attack and starcraft 2. I read some news that Lately, Korean progamers are sweeping the awards in Major league gaming, North America Star league, intech extreme masters etc. They seem to be top in various games now. Many famous progamers are visiting to korea to challenge them. Most of star gamers receive top-notch treatment and salaries. So, it's quite difficult for them to begin again from the bottom in Korea. Now, they are quite struggling to win against korean progamers even in a ladder game not a real competition. Going to Korea is regarded by them as a requir
  7. Daegu Flashes Its Organizational Wizardry to World as Championships End a Success The 2011 World Championships in Athletics came to an end on Sunday following nine days of drama, mishaps and tears of frustration and joy in Daegu. The biennial track and field meet was filled with interesting episodes, but perhaps the biggest achievement was raising global awareness of the Korean city. When Daegu won its bid to host one of the top three global sporting events in Mombasa, Kenya on March 17, 2007, international track and field officials were surprised by the ambition and challenging spir
  8. Bolt Nails World Record for Jamaica in Men's Relay as Daegu Wraps Up Jamaica ensured the World Athletics Championships ended on a high note on Sunday when Usain Bolt accelerated like a firework down the final stretch of the 4x100-m relay to nail the gold medal and wrap things up at Daegu Stadium with the tournament's first world record. Bolt collected the baton from new 100-m world champion Yohan Blake after Nesta Carter and Michael Frater had played their part, and tore over the finish line with explosive speed to give Jamaica a time of 37.04 seconds, shattering the previous record of
  9. yes...that was too shameful..:-( but...I'm looking forward to see Bolt's 200m , Jeter's 200m & 400m relay !! [iAAF NEWS] Source : http://www.koreaherald.com/sports/De...20110829000983 DAEGU ― Two-time defending world champion Olga Kaniskina of Russia walked across the finish line first in the 20-kilometer walk to add another gold at the 2011 World Championship in Daegu on Wednesday. In full sunshine and sweltering humidity, the 26-year-old Olympic gold medalist had led almost the whole race and really took off before the 15 kilometer mark, finishing with a time of 1 hou
  10. Isinbayeva Falls Foul of Daegu Curse Yelena Isinbayeva, widely regarded as the greatest female pole vaulter of all time, had a disappointing sixth-place finish on Tuesday at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, which has so far been beset by controversies and seen no new world records set. The Russian sizzled out after only getting as high as 4.65 m, falling far short of the world record of 5.06 m she set at a Golden (currently Diamond) League event in Zurich in 2009. She came to Daegu with full of promise and with a season’s-best jump of 4.76 m under her belt. But a couple of gamb
  11. North Korea attempts up to 250 million indiscriminate cyber attacks on government agencies and private corporations in South Korea per day, said an official with the National Cyber Security Center under the National Intelligence Service last Thursday. "In the past, the North focused its cyber terrorist attacks on major government agencies, but it has recently been expanding attacks on the civilian sector, including finance, aviation, transportation, and electric power," the official added. He urged private corporations to invest more in cyber security and wake up to the dangers of failin
  12. On the second leg of his Central Asia tour, President Lee Myung-bak met with his Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov in Tashkent on Tuesday. They agreed to develop natural resources worth US$4.16 billion. The agreement envisages developing the Surgil gas field near the Aral Sea, which has a deposit of 130 billion cubic meters of natural gas -- equivalent to 96 million tons of liquefied natural gas or 830 million barrels of crude oil -- and building a gas and chemicals plant. Lee leaves Uzbekistan for Kazakhstan on Wednesday. Many countries started Energy & Source diplomacy for future.
  13. Rebel fighters have seized Moammar Gadhafi's compound in the capital, Tripoli, and are celebrating what they consider a major victory over the Libyan leader and his loyalist troops. The rebel fighters fought their way into Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound Tuesday despite heavy gunfire from pro-Gadhafi forces. Hundreds of rebels could be seen firing their weapons in the air in celebration. Others waved flags and tore down posters of Gadhafi. Black smoke filled the skyline, while gunfire and explosions continued around the compound and several other parts of the city. It was not clear if
  14. [news] The main reason for Kim Jong-il's visit to Russia that began on Saturday seems to be North Korea's dire economic hardship, a senior Unification Ministry official said Sunday. The North Korean regime urgently needs money to celebrate regime founder Kim Il-sung's 100th birthday next year, when it has announced it will become a "powerful and prosperous" nation. Kim's visit to Russia seems to have been triggered by the view that dependence on China alone is not enough to secure the cash he needs. According to Cho Bong-hyun of the IBK Economic Research Institute, "North Korea urgently ne
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