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  1. I understand what you are saying, and it does sound logical. But wouldn't you agree that by the same rational, one could argue that since some traditional forms of architecture are accepted as formal in our culture, it is also necessary to abide by them? What subjugates the physical appearance of a man to the audience, but not that of a building?
  2. Hello, Pardon me if the answer to this is obvious, because it seems like a simple enough question - I just can't come up with a good answer. Roark is depicted as the ideal man, and if I understand correctly - he is a man of complete integrity, who does not compromise. But in small matters that are personal and unrelated to his work, he does compromise - for example in the clothes that he wears (I don't recall the exact quote but in a conversation with Enright(Maybe?) he says something like "I can wear their clothes, but.."). So, my point is, If (for example) Roark wants to dress up in a certain way - one that might hurt his chances of being taken seriously, Isn't he being untrue to himself by wearing what society holds as appropriate? Isn't he (Perhaps in a small way) allowing others opinion of him to influence his action? Juxtaposing this with my first statement - that Roark is depicted as a man who never compromises - how would you resolve this conflict? (At least, what I believe is a conflict.) This question also refers to my own life - not in the clothes I wear but in the fundamental question of how much I allow others' opinions to affect my actions - not at all? Because I never allow another man's opinion to change my own thoughts and judgment about a particular thing or event, but to some degree being completely eccentric and disagreeable on all terms would eventually hurt me - for example in applying for a job or things of this sort. Hurt me enough for it to be in my own Selfish interest to do what others would consider "normal". Which would then be, in a way - compromising. I am unable to resolve these two terms - Never compromising, and at the same time being Selfish. What if it is in a man's best interest to manipulate others for some reason? Would'nt this make him somewhat of a Peter Keating of sorts? Manipulating others for his own good? Thank you in advance, T.
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