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  1. You are usually asked to keep 'faith' and follow. However there are instances of xenoglossy which can't be explained unless you believe in reincarnation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenoglossy
  2. Honestly You've raised the same question which I raise to people preaching the doctrine of Karma in India. I have no answer sorry.
  3. Trebor, Thanks again for your elaborate efforts to explain. In eastern philosophies Karma goes hand in hand with reincarnation and deeds of your past lives. Either you pay for your sins in the same life or carry it forward and pay for it (or reap benefits if the deeds are good) in future lives. Softwarenerd //there are a set of reasons why that particular person was on the bridge at that time.// Isn't this what we would call chance? Now is it utter randomness or there is some method behind it?
  4. Trebor Thanks for trying to explain accidents! Think of this scenario , You're driving on the bridge and the bridge caves in. What would you attribute it to?
  5. Let's keep my childhood cancer argument aside as a lot of people have tried to attribute it to biological/external reasons. How do we explain accidents happening to people?
  6. This is not a false dichotomy as I have not offered an 'either - or' choice. These were 2 probabilities which came to my mind which is open to accept any other possibility. I still need to know what are the other options if not randomness (I presume the idea of Karma may be to0 far-fetched for people here).
  7. Sorry If I've made this complicated or too broad. I'm trying to figure out these questions and have no answer myself. Possibilities: a) Law Of Karma applies. This means people who are suffering are being penalized for their deeds in this life or past life (If you believe in Karma you might have to believe in reincarnation). b)Life is a roll of dice and things just accidentally happen without any reason.
  8. I don't think it is that simplistic my friend. Why does a specific child get bad genes while most don't. Why do specific people meet with accidents. Why do specific people die of calamities while most don't?
  9. Hi Tanaka Thanks for your kind efforts to explain. My point is why do only specific children get cancer and not all? Is life purely a game of chance? Is it like playing dice or there is some reason and method behind it.
  10. Hello! I meant Karma in colloquial sense of 'As you sow so you reap'.
  11. Hi folks! I would like to know what is Objectivism's take on Karma or causality? Why do some people get rich and some are poor and why some people are healthy and some are not. Why do children suffer from cancers?
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