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  1. No, I'm not searching out smart people in particular. I posted here based on the suggestion of one of your members. I am intrigued to post here as I am attempting to "feel out" potential issues that may arise. I would have to disagree surrounding the less competitive ideas and decision making. By working within the current hierarchical structure of the traditional business, employees are at the whim of the leadership and it's competence. Would you say that the 18th century model will hold true until 2020? 2030? 2050? Or is it possible that the web could help produce a new way of do
  2. It promotes and provides the framework and leadership of an open, democratic, and collaborative business model that benefits its members as a whole. The primary goal of "Company A" is to develop this framework. To develop, promote, and utilize this type of open-business with this particular type of income earning potential. "Company A" is essentially, a network of like-minded, entrepreneurial, individuals. This network then goes on to develop and create new businesses which utilize this particular framework. Initially focused on web-based business ventures, the possibility exists for phys
  3. Thank you for your reply - it's much appreciated. This area is open as to how it should operate (as is the whole business model). The thoughts that surround this are: a) Everyone is paid an equal amount for their time worked on a by the hour basis Everyone earns a "point" when they complete a task (remember, all things that need to be done are split in to individual tasks). You only earn the point if the task is completed. As I have brought this concept up to various people, this question has come up regularly. What if I did Task ABC and it took me 3 hours. Then the same task
  4. Hi there, I was suggested to post this question at this forum. It's my understanding that there are some very bright people here, and I would appreciate feedback. This is all surrounding a business-model that I plan to implement shortly. I would greatly appreciate, questions, feedback, challenges, etc. The idea that I've been thinking about, and on the verge of beginning to implement, is a crowd sourced business. When I say this, I am referring to a business model that is completely crowd sourced. All decisions, management, and production are all done by the crowd. This busines
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