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  1. Sorry about getting back to you after so long. The update that made the site more mobile friendly went out in early July.
  2. I developed the site against Safari 5+, and current Google Chrome--both browsers use the same layout engine, WebKit. The problem you're describing involves a styling feature that Safari 4+ is supposed to handle, but seems to have been implemented buggily. If you could mail a screenshot to me, I can better understand your problem here. I see that Safari 5.1 is the most recent version of that browser. If you're not able to upgrade, because of your OSX version, then you could use Google Chrome, which is automatically kept up to date, and has most of the same browser DNA.
  3. Do you have your text size set to something other than medium? You can check this buy going to Options > Under the Hood > Web Content > Font Size. I have the body text size set to work off the base text size that users can choose, but to look optimal under the medium setting. Aliasing methods vary between browsers, and I'm well aware that parts of the book image will appear blocky in certain browsers, particularly the border. I have also been aggressive about trimming filesizes of the images I use on the site, and that image is at the threshold of JPG-compression induced graininess.
  4. @Jonathan13, what version of Safari are you using? I have tested this against version 5.0 and 5.1 running on Windows, plus the versions of Google Chrome that have been in play over the last 3 months--Chrome shares many moving parts with Safari, you see. In the meantime, I will change the content overflow rules for pages that have 2-column lists like on the Conceptual Index and Lexicon Index pages.
  5. That's intended behavior with the menu. The menu requires javascript to function, and starts off fully expanded before the javascript triggers. This is so the menu will still be usable for people without javascript.
  6. There, I fixed it. Please let me know of any other errors like this.
  7. Hello, I'm David Arceneaux, web developer working for the Ayn Rand Institute. I want to share with you some new features of the Ayn Rand Lexicon site. I have made a recent behind-the-scenes site restructuring that will allow me to more easily add in new utility features. It is now possible to link directly to individual quote blocks. You'll see there's now a "Link to this entry" link below every entry. Copy that link, and you'll be able to use that to point directly to a section. Before, if you wanted to refer to some quote by Ayn Rand about Emotions in a discussion about "unconditional love", where you want to refer to the 5th entry, you can target that section directly: http://aynrandlexico...ns.html#order_5 It's now possible to "Like" and share each section block on Facebook. Other social media sites are forthcoming. There is now a Quote of the Day page. As projects at work allow, I will add in new features over time. I may even remember to announce them here.
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