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  1. @ 2046 Can you disprove it or not? There is an in itself: pleasure. Ask yourself this question: If you were not living for the attainment of pleasure of some sort, what, ultimately, would you be living for? Remember "happiness" is a form of pleasure.
  2. Hedonism (rational variants) is not about the pursuit of pleasure without considering consequences, but the "maximization" of pleasure, whenever and wherever possible. Psychologically, this means seeking out pleasurable activities and goals and maintaining a pleasurable state of mind. And "long term" and "short-term" are not moral considerations, as I stated above, so long as they do not hurt others. If a person chooses to live an intensely happy 30 years and then end his life, can you "judge" him for doing so? Is it your right to do so? Will it even make a difference what you think? Mor
  3. Taken from your source: The problem, is that in Brazil, the lines between "black" and "white" is heavily blurred, (unlike in America) and so its not entirely clear how "white" the white people are or how "black" the black people are. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Brazilian IN America, the lines the "racial" lines are strictly drawn (and rarely passed) in Brazil, they are more fluid and more likely to be passed. Not to say race is'nt still a problem, but much less of one. At least when it comes to relationships.
  4. Yes. There is a phenomenon (as mentioned in my other thread) called "depressive realism", whereby people who have a more "realistic" view on life are more likely to be depressed. Psychology is only just beggining to shed some light on why this is. A recent Psychology Today article on this subject says the follows: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201110/optimism?page=2 The point is that "realism" is not enough. We, psychologically speaking, need something more to stay mentally motivated. In the strict sense, its not entirely "rational" bit it still aids our survival. Its
  5. Have you noticed that openly pleasure-seeking societies (such as Brazil) are less racist and more open to interracial relationships than more puritan societies (such as the USA and Japan)? The Brazilian love of pleasure and the "good life" leads to less of a concern over petty differences in physical features between human groups. In contrast, America is a pro-immigration country, but heavily self-segregated and still has low rates of interracial marriage and a contemptible history in race relations. Open hatred and derailment of blacks and other racial minority groups was encouraged. Pe
  6. Life is not an end in itself. The reason people choose to live is for experiences and pleasure, the central tenants of hedonism. The reasons people choose to live long is either a) fear of death or maximization of pleasure According to hedonism, pleasure (this includes the abstraction "happiness") is the only intrinsic good. This means that are actions are mere means to an end. Not an end in themselves. Not means to some over-rationalistic "survival" end. We survive "because" we want to feel good. Some people, for example, may choose to live 30 years in a succession of intensely happy a
  7. If Rand was actually feeling "happiness" and "self-esteem" consistently, it wouldn't be a veneer would it? Your missing the point.
  8. I rely upon my own independent thought + scientific education for guidance. And what this shows is a failure of Objectivism to "lead by example". After all, if your ideas work, why could'nt your main proponent practice them consistently? Thats why it gives most folks pause. It would have had much more of a powerful effect on humanity than all of her books and movies combined ( and multiplied times 100). People want to see a philosophy or religious system in action, by a real person. Not an abstraction. Not a set of complex intellectual theories. The funny thing is Christians do, (a
  9. If you read Objectivist literature, your lead to believe the is something inherently wrong with persuing "concrete bound" (a fancy name for short term) actions. Emphasis is given on the pursuit of "long range" actions i.e. by the maintenance of principles such as honesty, productiveness etc. What Objectivism fails to recognize is that this same "instant gratification" mentality is and has been one of the strongest drivers of technological advances and continues to exert a hugely beneficial effect on our lives. Ordering books on Amazon.com, for example, has rendered trips to the bookstore
  10. I also heard she was largely unhappy in the last 25 year of her life. One would give pause to a philosophy, to where even its creator and greatest proponent, can't consistently practice it or reach happiness.
  11. Did I write anything in contradiction to this? If so, please point it out so I can correct it.
  12. @ Spiral Architect No. This was a specific case mentioned in OPAR regarding rich people. OPAR said that even wealthy folks such as rich heirs must maintain the principle of "productivity" which precludes travel, games etc, which it deems non-work. I said that was non-sense. They don't realistically have to work in any capacity and can pursue a life of productive "play" and any challenging activity. But realistically, even a multi-millionaire does'nt really have work either. They can live off of bank interest, investments etc. I think it depends on how you define "productivity". N
  13. @ Mike I meant logic is a mental construct we use to help make the universe intelligible and achieve a degree of consistency in our thought. Logic makes generalizations ("all men are mortal") that are accurate until we discover some fact or detail that would force us to revise our initial premise (eternal life serum). But logic cannot "see details" and there is no way logic can "tell you" there is a eternal life serum in existence and that some man, somewhere is actually immortal. Someone who has "observed" and "verified" his immortality does, and thus, has *more* knowledge than th
  14. @ dream weaver Not sure what your point is here. I can't see the correlation of this with what I said. Logic is a mental construct that is *used* as essentially a rough estimate when it makes logical statements such as "all men are mortal". "Mental construct" denotes what it is. "Rough estimate" is what it does. lol no I didn't "violate" the law of identity. Sure, like any prolonged period of strenuous exercise, the over-use of your brain can cause pain. Its taxing and does require energy. The brain has limits.
  15. Yes. In what way is my statement using stolen concepts? We *use* it every day. Its a basic human cognitive bias we are mostly not aware of. My point is that you can use it, against itself, to achieve "good" and "beneficial" ends. Its not a "contradiction" at all because it happens, whether I say it does or not. What I am describing is empirically demonstrated and a *regular* feature of human cognitive function. Your playing too much with abstractions. You obviously then, know very little about human psychology. We can cause ourselves to forget or ignore things. Thus, using
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