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  1. I've looked at the info for the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz and the fact that it is a reconstruction by people who have never seen the original was a bit suprising. It is also a fact that this reconstruction destroyed any and all evidence of the gas chamber ever existing. Also how did people realize that this particular gas chamber was a Soviet reconstruction if the existence of these chambers was not up for debate? The claims of eye witnesses are rearely reliable especially if we are talking about people who had every reason to hold a grudge against the nazis. Corpses rearly lie I howev
  2. The nazis were very antisemitic. They were also German and nationalists. If you wish to kill an ethnic subgroup you don't need to collect them. Look at any genocide (like in Yugoslavia) and you will see that the Nazis were the only people who collected people for the purpose of killing them instead of simply killing them. Now if you want to deport people which is somehting a bunch of nationalists would hapily do than you would have a good reason to collect the people before you deport them. Or alternatively you can imprisone everyone and prevent them from multiplying. You can even castrate
  3. Personally I like to focus on Darvid Irving's historical work rather than his personal life. I don't believe that David Irving is a professional troublemaker. I think he is an amature when it comes to troublemaking. I think after being banned from several western countries and jailed for several months anyone would be a little agitated. People got jailed for simply giving him a forum to speak. I don't believe that is how states should handle peacful troublemakers and I don't think that fall victim to censorhip laws shouldn't complain about them. There's a big difference between saying that th
  4. Well if you change your mind you can always look up some lectures of David Irving on youtube. Anyone who has any interest in WWII should do that. I am aware that political figures tend to be a mixed bag, but I don't think anyone would argue that they aren't. Sometimes they do good and that's good and sometimes they do bad things and that's bad. We have to aknowledge both and face reality based on the truth that the facts bare out to us. I think that the history people are thought today has so much war time proraganda that it doesn't qualify as history. For example the desparate atempts of
  5. So I've been looking at the revisionist material on Youtube (David Irving) and I was wondering what you guys thought about it.
  6. What if a tresspasser tries to steal something from my home? Would it be alright to threaten him then?
  7. I went to a disco once and there was one guy who vomited on stage. He was (forcibly) escorted out by the security. Would you say that would be illegal in the U.S. ? Also how can a cop determine if someone is trespassing? I mean if someone actually lives in my house and has a key (for whatever reason) than the cop wouldn't know who really owns the house. Is that when the courts need to decide who should go and who should stay?
  8. I have a few questions: Is it alright to force someone out of a property if they entered unlawfully? Is it alright to force them out if they entered lawfully but refuse to leave when the property owner asks them to do so? (By force I mean threat of force or physical force.) If someone is denied access to his own property by his neighbor what is the proper thing to do for the owner and for the police? Do they need to go to curt or can the police just go in and kick out the person staying there illegally? I'm interested in what is right and also what is currently legal (in the U.S. o
  9. I am trying to find out whether the following quote is authentic, and if not where it came from: "A good general not only sees the way to victory, he also knows when victory is impossible." Polybius It was claimed that this quote came from Polybius's Hsitories, but I could not find it in the works that are still available for us: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:text:1999.01.0234 I also have no idea who quoted it first in modern times. Any help is much appreciated. D.
  10. Since no one responded yet I shall quote myself:
  11. Hypothetically if we went back in time we could only go back as far as time had existed int other words as far as change has occurred, therefore even if the Universe does not have a first cause id does have a first state, does it not?
  12. Didn't Rand break up with Branden because Branden had an affair with someone else the same time he had an affair with Rand? Not because of the affair, but because he was lying to her. This might be a rumor though.
  13. Or maybe it will be used as an anti-evolution slogan instead.
  14. I wouldn't assume she was not interested in or did not understand the theory of evolution. No one here would claim that she did not understand of economics just because she didn't like Keynsean economics. I would be surprised if she of all people didn't care about the origins of humankind. She simply didn't like the theory of evolution, but was not ready to say why, because she was simply not yet ready to do so. Perhaps she wanted to ponder on the issue a little more before she confronted others with it. Nobody today knows why she didn't like the theory... well except maybe Peikoff...
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