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  1. Thanks Trebor for your suggestion. I will definitely check out Dr. Hurd. Ninth Doctor, I appreciate your thoughts behind your link. That would be a nice end to this but somehow I don't think this will be a Hollywood finish. Many thanks for reading and responding.
  2. I am seeking advice. Someone close to me was raped as a teenager first by one male and later by another male she knew and a stranger. These crimes have caused her untold mental trauma for two decades. She never reported them out of fear and tried counseling for two months but stopped before getting into the details of what happened. She is slowly starting to deal with this but in doing so she is facing things she has tried to bury. I have come to believe that in order for her to begin to heal or at least get to a point where these events do not debilitate everyday life, the perpetrators need to be held accountable. The fact that they have so far gotten away with it weighs heavily. Our state has no sol for rape and it would be near impossible to to prove without a confession. I am not planning to act criminally nor am I looking for a way to do so. I know two of the perps and have extensive information about them. What course of action can I morally, ethically, and legally take to produce some reckoning , or justice, in this situation, and learn who the third person is? Should I. Not do anything and just focus on the victim? Thank you for reading.
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