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  1. Jam Man, I see the points you make and acknowledge it is very tough to justify lying when you should be able to present who you really are. But let me ask you this, Suppose you're a starving salesman and closing a big deal would be greatly aided by a white lie? Walter, thanks so much for sharing and the Nathaniel Branden essay was great Jake, yeah I feel you
  2. also add to that a diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia
  3. software nerd, thanks so much for the reply do you have any hong kong econ book reconomendations? I'm thinking of buying stocks on Hong Kong Exchange, I want to avoid ones that own land
  4. I know china has a housing bubble and this can be blamed on their government's credit policies and subsidies a) I was wondering if anyone had some austrian economics articles/books suggestions to learn more about china's housing situation? b If China's government is to blame, how do you explain Hong Kong's housing bubble when they are freest economy in the world according to Herritage Freedom Index?
  5. *** Mod's note: Merged with an earlier thread - sN *** I understand Abraham Lincoln didn't initiate the civil war to free the slaves but did it for political power/taxation. However a) Do you think the US Civil War was justified regardless of Lincoln's motives because it freed the slaves? b-- If the answer is no, consider the following scenario: Florida starts murdering all their Jews. Do they have the right to just succeed from the Union?
  6. very interesting to get different takes from objectivists i appreciate your responses, but to the people that replied, is there no part of objectivism that you agree with but fail to fully apply to your life?
  7. is sex really THAT different if you like the girl's personality? You're thrusting back and forth thinking about her curves and dumping jizz in her orifices. I fail to see how disliking the girl's personality or completely disagreeing with what she stands for leads to your unhappiness or unethical behavior. If I derive pleasure fucking a communist lobby coordinator, why not?
  8. it's not illegal to lie to women unless the question is, how old are you? and her answer is 17
  9. 2 questions but I just wanted to make 1 thread 1) can you call yourself an objectivist and not follow it entirely always? (ie white lies to a girl that her dress is nice) 2) if you fail to present information or beliefs you have does that count as lying? for example youre flirting with a girl, she brings up global warming. To say, "I don't know, No opinion" is a lie but if you say nothing or quickly change subject. Is that a lie? Girl: Are you a democrat or republican? Me: What kind of music do you like?
  10. i feel like this answer is wishy washy. you can buy stock as long as the company doesn't lobby TOO much? I thought objectivists don't think in shades of grey
  11. Matt, by your logic it's moral to buy shares but not IPOs? can I buy bonds?
  12. yo good news everyone. I got a 2nd more expensive lyme test (western blot) and this one came back positive! I may have other viruses/blood parasites from ticks in addition but at least I got a diagnosis that makes sense and started on doxycycline treatment
  13. haha it turned b into a smiley
  14. the company benefits from high share price with: a) compensation costs via stock options lower borrowing costs on debt if low risk c) potential future offerings to raise funds but i agree with the other part you said
  15. is it wrong to purchase stock in a company that benefits and purposefully lobbies and jockies for government contracts? Let's say Lockheed Martin
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