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  1. Thanks for the hint! I'll look up at old names (Norse, Roman, Greek). My research on Gaelic and Scottish names gave nothing so far. PS: I was strongly thinking at Alexander, but protector might sound altruistic so I'm not sure. EDIT: found out - protector of MANKIND. Objectivism brings reason, the only true protector to mankind. That makes a solid candidate for the list !! http://www.name-meanings.com/greek_name_meanings.php EDIT2 - wow thanks a bunch! Now that was the *right* lead - found another one just a minute later Sheridan, irish for untamed. Do you have a Bitcoin address to send a reward for the service?
  2. Thanks. However it could also mean Kettle marker according to http://babynames.for...me_kessler.html No other suggestion? :-/ Any language is fine. I quickly considered Slobodan ("Free" in serbian), but it would sound too weird.
  3. Hello Since this is my first post, I'll give a quick bio before shooting my question :-) These last few years my life changed a lot. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead opened my eyes and let me realize the travesty many are forced to live in. I discovered my deepest thought printed on paper. As I got rid of my shame and became proud of my values, I found myself becoming incompatible with Europe, little by little. I am now a proud permanent resident Canada, which seems to me like a free society and is more compatible with my values (which are leading me towards Alberta) There is one thing I would like to change to celebrate my new life - that's my first name, or at least my middle name if I can't find a valid candidate. Since I'm a newcomer in Canada, I have few legal documents to change, and it is a good opportunity to start anew. A name is not just a tag, but something that one identifies with. As long as I can remember, I disagreed with the idea of the sacrifice of Isaac. That is my first objectivist though, that no one should be sacrificed. As such, I would like it to become my name - the one who refuse sacrifices, but not because he was stupidly going to until some angel told him to stop, but because it is wrong in the first place - which excludes Abraham. Days and days of online search gave nothing. There are multiple names meaning sacrifice, but not a single one meaning "no sacrifice". Maybe someone in the forum knows one - I would be delighted to know! I'm considering adopting it as my first name if it sounds normal enough, or my middle name if it is a bit too weird/too long to my taste. If it is a female name, I'll see how it can be used on a man (i-> y?) or relegate it to my middle name. Yet considering at the moment I have found nothing at all, I would even take a female middle name as a success! If there is no such name in none of the human languages, do you know about other names which can be identified as Objectivist? Something meaning "Egoist" would be great too. Alternative ideas "Living for hiself", "Refusing the unearned". Sorry if it is a long question, but it is important to me.
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