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  1. Here's what I mean about the B&N issue: And mind the paperclip hat guy.
  2. I just bought the other day: http://www.amazon.ca/Call-Cthulhu-Other-Weird-Stories/dp/0143106481/ I was excited that it might contain art throughout (since it was Penguin's Deluxe ed) but it only contains cover art which isn't that great, just mock-up 'Cthulhu in a tuxedo' crap (cover and flaps). What I really wanted to get was this: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/barnes-noble-leatherbound-classics-hp-lovecraft-h-p-lovecraft/1106658815 B&N has a 'complete', which apparently is complete of his single-authored stories. Only problem is, the first edition of this book was printed with horrible errors. It was then re-edited, fixed up, and to denote this they changed the sewn in bookmark to a purple ribbon from the original gold. The website shows the book with a gold ribbon, and upon inquiring to B&N customer service, they told me the one they are selling has the gold. I contacted them twice more to try to make sure they were selling the new edition, and they didn't respond. Truly disappointing as I was hoping to get the complete, nice hardcover and cheap at $18 + shipping. Here is more info on this B&N book and the controversy: http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/sources/hplcf.aspx Anyways thought I'd share my knowledge. From my tours around the internet, Joshi is supposed to be the best editor for Lovecraft, and so you'll want to make sure he is involved in whatever book you are thinking of buying. I also found this site helpful: http://grimreviews.blogspot.ca/2011/09/hp-lovecraft-books-three-ways-to.html Please also look at the bottom comments on this site too as the 'ways to complete' are not definitive.
  3. Also for those who don't know, this youtube channel is fantastic. Has a Rand playlist as well. http://www.youtube.com/user/LibertyPen
  4. For a while I've been looking all over youtube for people with decent libraries. Out of many hours of search, most people who talk about books at all are female, and 75% of the time it is about crap modern fiction. Seldom you get Jane Austen for example (or any classics). I thought I'd do a post here (admins, please move the thread if its in the wrong place) to see if others know of channels of people showing off decent libraries. Perhaps even your own! I have a few channel links here, one of them my own, most of which are O-minded (have Rand and agree overall with O). Though a 'decent' library need not be defined as having Rand on the shelves. I suppose I'm looking for breadth of content, ie. including history, science, philosophy (perhaps most indicative of 'decent' for me), & some classic fiction. Has 4 vids on her library, and also some O stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/nine9s/ Next 2 are same person. He has tons of videos on books, O stuff, logic, Greek history. Probably the best I've seen on youtube for breadth of content: http://www.youtube.com/user/mrcropper/ http://www.youtube.com/user/cropperb/ Example of a non-O, though extensive library. Many of his opinions on the books are disappointing: [www] Mine. See the 'My Library' playlist: http://www.youtube.c...r/andrewthered1 Smaller Examples: Two vids showing decent stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/haggsbo/ 1 vid: [www].youtube.com/watch?v=d9r-zz7KgrQ Please post other examples you have found! ATR
  5. ATRobj


    B F Skinner's Walden Two, is supposed to be a utopia, his ideal behaviourist-engineered society. I have not read it, so I don't know if it is any good. I imagine most of us here would fine the experience horrifying to live in.
  6. Hi Dormin. Thank you for your reply. I had never thought of 'force cannot be a commodity traded on the market' idea before. Does this still hold for using mutally-agreed 'private arbitration' to settle a dispute or even hiring 'private detectives' (both instead of consulting a State organization)? Also, I was hoping your response would address this but it did not. There is a underlying premise of the human population as requiring law and the possibility of retaliation with force in order to act orderly and good. Similar to the 'Galt's Gultch has no gvmt' objection (which is well answered in the post), given a rational, perhaps fully Objectivist society, would there be a need for retaliatory force? If we are all Objectivists, we would all understand our motives or interests in a particular dispute, and seek to resolve them. The initiation of force would simply be always irrational. Thus why lock our doors, why have police, etc. But perhaps this 'ideal ALL objectivist' society will never exist, thus the need for police. We will have detractors, who may act irrationally and thus we must protect ourselves from them. And add the tiny minority of people born with hyper-aggression, even serial killers, that we would also need police for. Overall, my inquiry rests on questioning the premise for the 'readiness' of police in relation to the composition of society. Is this necessary even in an ideal ALL Obj society, or is it necessary b/c this will not happen, and rather we will have a mix of people, and thus a small but nevertheless existing amount of violence must be guarded against. This question can also be expanded to military, given situations of total Earth Objectivist vs. a mix, the former situation, theoretically, requiring no military (ignoring alien invasion stuff). And one more thing. The reason this question comes up for me is b/c of the ideas of anarchism. The premise that anarchists hold is that 'it can work' as long as the majority of people are rational and will not initiate force. The small minority that do, whether intentially or not, will be 'handled' locally (whatever that means, the often cited phrase is 'social ostracism', which will probably eventually populate an underground of ostracized people who will resent their state and cause havoc for the civilized).
  7. Hi ppw. Thanks for the info. I do not own Journals of AR, but from the rudiments on google books, it looks like the volume contains Rand's outline of the book, somewhat event/scene by scene. It looks like I'll need to get a hold of this! Its too bad because that novel would have been very well received. It seems Rand knew that what she felt from the intellectual and public community was also felt in her admirers, and found this important enough to express it in fiction.
  8. Hello everyone. I imagine this has been answered but I couldn't find it through search on here, nor the wikipedia and google. According to an interview with Rand and James Day, skip to 1105: Rand mentions being contracted for another "novel" after having published AS. I have looked around for what this might be and, other than the wiki mentioning a TV series for AS, I have not seen any info of another "novel". Can anyone offer info, especially if its incomplete state is printed in any of her works. Of the few Rand works I do not have, one is her Early Works. But I cannot imagine this "novel" being considered Early. Thanks
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