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  1. I need advice on how to introduce my 21 year old son to Objectivism. He is smart and strong but uneducated. He gets his ideas from television shows like "Family Guy." However, when he tries to talk about serious matters he winds up sounding like a budding Objectivist and I think he has a natural affinity for Objectivist principles. I am not an Objectivist. I am a traditional Roman Catholic. So why would I want to introduce my son to Objectivism? Because, at this point, I am not so much concerned with what he is thinking as I am concerned that he is not thinking at all. I know that my beliefs have no appeal for him but I think he could become very excited about Objectivism and I hope this would lead him to develop a passion for serious thought and discussion. It is my hope that once he learns how to think and discuss his beliefs then I would have some possibility of communicating with him. My son just got out of the Army. He is not interested in spectator sports but loves to work out and run. He is currently unemployed and lives with me. He likes violent movies and video games. He reads very little. We live in the Green Bay Wisconsin area. I am looking for recommendations of 1) short, exciting youtube videos; 2) short, easy to read books, pamphlets, comic books or graphic novels; 3) exciting movies; 4) local events for young people; 5) general advice on how to get my son excited about Objectivism. I appreciate any help and thank you in advance.
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