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  1. Love your sig, btw; funny/cute play on 'teh evil, evil barons' lol!
  2. ^fantastic idea- now that you mention it, I recall my local library having referred to some sort of 'inter-library loan' system Neat. Thanks, mucho appreciado!
  3. Apologies for ignorance, but is that still available? Have never used half.com before and the posting is almost a yr old. Not that you'd necessarily want to help me find it w/o buying it, but is that the only way one could access the 1973 article "To Dream the Non-Commercial Dream"? Am getting frustrated that I cannot find a single letter electronically, but really need it and guess I'd consider buying hard-copy if need-be (could always pad my rand collection ) Neat site, seems much different than the one I tried and disliked ('objectivist living')
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