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  1. Some things I love about One Piece: The main characters are not brought together for one central mission, to save the world, or to benefit anyone else. Each joins the crew with an absolute mission of their own, to be the best at one thing or another, or to further their own dream, and the 'captain' wouldn't have it any other way. The way the crew roams the world, freely, and to experience all the awe and wonder of the world around them. Although some would think the World Government is an enemy or antagonist in the show, it's really more like they are just in the way, just an afterthought
  2. First off, hello to anyone out there reading this post, I just got started with the forum, and definitely have high hopes for it! I got started many years back with the Sword of Truth series, and then found Ayn Rand novels via becoming more familiar with the writer and his philosophy. I thought the best place to start as I expect to get some worthwhile data from this sight would be to offer something I think holds exemplary Objectivist value, but that many of you will have missed. So here goes. =) One Piece. Yes, I know, it's an anime, which some of you may see as a cartoon, b
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