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  1. What I mean really is mass automation to the point whereby human labor becomes unneeded, and a large amount of jobs are automated. What effect would this have on capitalism?
  2. What is the objectivist view to automation? Also, how would mass automation effect 'capitalism'?
  3. Hi, I have recently become very interested in objectivism. I have a large interest in public policy, and am aiming for a career related to public policy/economics. I live in a heavily democratic/blue area, and everyone in my family is a Democrat. I myself consider myself a Democrat, and proudly support many of the Democratic party's social policies and various other Democratic ideas However, I am also highly supportive of free markets, individualism, laissez-faire, and have become highly intrigued by objectivism and Ayn Rand. I was wondering, can I be both a Democrat, and agree with various Democratic party ideas - but yet also be an objectivist, and support many of Ayn Rands ideas? Or are they both incompatible? I don't really have any interest in 3rd parties, though I find the 2 party system hugely flawed. Also, which political party do most objectivists support - or are members of?
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