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    Rachel Ayn Weiner
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    I am both an Objectivist and a passionate otaku (someone interested in Japanese pop culture).
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    I have memorized Anthem, read Atlas Shrugged, read part of the Fountainhead, and have read bits and pieces of other works by Ayn Rand. I grew up in an Objectivist family, so any misconceptions about reality I had developed as a child disappeared as I was shown how and why I should think rationally.
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    Lexis Prepatory
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    High School Student

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    I reccomend Gatchaman: Crowds. It is one of the few anime where philosophic values are clearly identified and the consequences of faulty philosophy are shown. The first season subtly advocates the morality of self interest. However, it is the second season that really stands out. In it, the enemy possesses no values of his own, does not think for himself, and only speaks the minds of others. It demonstrates some of the real dangers of what happens in a society where there is little to no independent thought. In both seasons is the issue of gun rights, although not explicitly stated. It is not
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