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    Music, song recordings. Improv guitar playing "lead" and "rhythm" guitar along to my favorite songs by John Mayer, Sting, Sade, Bob Marley, etc. Very fun.
    Going to festivals, theaters, parks, and restaurants with my beautiful and musical, smart and funny 8 year old son. I am a devoted, single father and spend all my time being musical or being odd or funny, for my own entertainment. I love learning, being creative.

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    United States
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    Writers, Musicians, Painters, etc, Creators who are like me, who avoid "second handers"
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    Marty Roark
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    I am a reggae and pop singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I believe there is a close relationship with all artists who read the Fountainhead, who understand the importance of "creative intelligence". There is too few "creators" with integrity. As a songwriter, I consider myself an "architect of songs". I used to be fearful of "being directed" by others creatively. Now, I am "self sufficient, and confident that for question i am asked for one question I am asked, I can give 11 answers or more. This type of confidence and "creative" ability is nothing more than knowing that there are no ONE answers to the questions we ask ourselves and others. Not usually. Instead most things asked by man, about man and life, have many many, many, many possibilities, and anyone who thinks they have "THE ANSWER" = a single answer, Is a nitwit.rough, I
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    I'm reading the Fountainhead for a second time. I will re-read it many more times, during the rest of my life. The amount of times I plan to re-read the book is irrelevant. I don't believe any story of this complexity, or excellence was meant to be read once or twice. I believe the FH was and should be studied. Not just for school. For life, and for creative people especially since most of us can relate to Howard Roark, and understand the angst of not wanting to "sell out" or be part of "mainstream" which is a sickness, in my view. In Ayn's too.
    Before I read the book, I had only a little interest in learning. In fact, before reading FH, I had read maybe a handful of books, but afterwards, I read over 22 classics like (Don Quixote, Mice and Men, Jefferson's and Lincoln's bio, History of the US, etc, etc. Many many books, in less than a year. So I guess a neurotransmitter of some sort, exploded in a good way, since reading the Fountainhead. Obviously, Howard Roark inspired me. As did many of the characters related to me, made me feel "at home" since I understood almost every word, every expression of Rand's. But not all, since her writing was mind boggling brilliant, supernatural expressive, The story to me, did excelling in human creativity, setting the bar high for all of us creative types. But the "bar" is for a competition...and anyone who understands the FH, knows that creativity and competition are like oil and vinegar. Of course, understanding the FH completely, is probably uncommon, I believe you can't understand it enough unless you understand the "work" is the reward, and the "exhaltation" and the awareness, the gratification of creating positive things that are beautiful, to you and foremost represent something original, beautiful, making an important "statement" and most of all are priceless to you, not an audience.
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    The School of Life on Earth. School of Forrest Gump and his very large family of "second handers".
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    Architect of Music

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