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  1. I am more interested in there Philosophies, but thanks. So would it be wrong if I called myself an Objectivist and be inspired by Sartre?
  2. Other than there differing views on politics and morality, What did Ayn Rand and Jean-Paul Sartre dissgree on? And what did they Agree on? Can be anything (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Purpose, ect.)
  3. I am pretty new to Objectivism; I read Fountainhead, The Virtue Of Selfishness, and I'm starting Atlas Shrugged. But here are some Questions I have with Objectivism. 1. I am sure Objectivists do not believe Humans have an Internal Soul. So without a Soul then how do Humans make the Concious choises that they make? 2. Wouldn't the Law of Identity disprove the Idea of Free Will? Since the Universe works Mechanically, this includes our Neurons. I hear Determinists bring this up on Twitter and Youtube. 3. Since there is No god, then how do we know if the Objective Morality of O
  4. I understand Reason/Rationality and Self-Esteem/Pride, but can you be a little more clear about Purpose/Productiveness?
  5. In religion, there are a set of supposed "Objective" values and ideals (ie, good: charity, sacrifice, honesty, and bad: homosexuality, individualism, cutting your hair) So I would Love to know what do Objectivists view as wrong and right, evil and good, black and white. I already got the whole, man should neither sacrifice himself for others and others should not sacrifice themselfs for him. But I would Love to know more specific virtues/behaviors that are good and spefic virtues/behaviors that are bad. It would be great if your answers are in list form.
  6. In Objectivism, when should person no longer considered a minor/child, but a fully responsible and reasonable adult who can make there choices? Ie: Marriage, Work, Sex, Voting, ect.
  7. How mutch of Aristotle's Philosophy influenced Ayn Rand? Did Ayn Rand believe that Humans have a fixed Essence and also Virtue Theory? I got this Information from a video by Crash Course called Aristotle and Virtue Theory. You may already know this, but Aristotle believed that... 1. Humans had a fixed human nature, or essence (witch is essentially meaning in life) and we flourish when we adhir by that nature. 2. Everything has a function and a thing is Good when it fulfills its function to the fullest extent. 3.The
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