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  1. His main goal, according to me is to attach great meaning to our lives. A life worth living would be something like fighting against the church, questioning the political system, personal growth and so forth. He considers our understanding of good and evil as a product of Christianity, so not relevant to him and his freedom.
  2. No, no... The mutant mouse is the real research. I don't want to make money from it, I want to find money and put it into it. Yes, I thought about it. It will most likely be boring to watch the mouse walking back and forth all day and that's why some games, betting, competitions, behavioral experiments and investment options are planned. The opportunity to get more and more people involved in science is just too tempting. I think that such an involvement would add a lot of meaning to our everyday boring lives. I'm also open to all types of ideas.
  3. My goal is to create another way to fund bioscience experiments and get more people involved and educated about these topics.
  4. Hello everyone, I have an urgent question! I have an idea but I don't know if it's legal. Or maybe the right question is how much of it can be done and how much of it is not legal. The idea is called “Mutant Mouse Brother” and is, as you can guess, a project for a reality show. The main goal is to find funding for science in a very unusual way. I thought that people would like to watch the mutant mice that are in the laboratories. Then I realized that this would be very easy to achieve with just one small camera and a microphone in one of the transparent mouse containers. My proposal is t
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