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  1. I have become more interested in the topic of aesthetics after reading Aristotle's Poetics, and am now planning on reading Rand's The Romantic Manifesto. Naturally, I have also begun to wonder how I can apply what I am learning about the nature of aesthetics to my own life, and what my own aesthetic taste (particularly music taste) says about myself. In other words, how does one discover their "sense of life"? To give you an idea of my own music taste, I have always liked Brahms's and Prokofiev's music; there is something about their powerful melodies, lush orchestration, and subtle darkness in them that is appealing to me. In terms of "modern music", I have a liking for progressive metal and rock because of the cathartic effect that it has, but I still prefer romantic/classical music. Being a newbie here, I am curious to see what advice you all might have in terms of personal aesthetic analysis.
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